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Chhavi Rajawat – The Wonder Woman who is the Head of Her Village without Affiliation of any Political Party


The women, as a leader, can be equally good as a homemaker. The modern Indian women have a tendency to make the life better for the people around them. For this reason, only, they can also lead an organization, a village or even a country better, as they possess the gift of making life better for the people they are responsible for. In recent days, the women in India are breaking the barriers and creating new norms in the society to make the society more hospitable.

The wonder woman who is the head of her village without affiliation of any political party
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Chhavi Rajawat is an MBA and she had an experience of working for the big companies like Times of India, Airtel etc. Her life could have been normal like the other girls, yet she had chosen a different course of life. She is the Sarpanch of a village in Rajasthan named Soda. She had quitted her comfortable and lavish corporate life in order to serve the rural people. In the zest of bringing the change to the villages, like arranging the better dose of water, solar power, creating the toilets and bringing the facilities of the bank and the roads.

Background of the Sarpanch with an MBA

Chhavi Rajawat is the youngest sarpanch of the country. Although she was elected in a democratic way by the villagers, she doesn’t belong to any political party. She was born in the year 1977 of the Kachwaha Rajput family of Jaipur. Her family was originally from the Soda village which is located around 60 km away from the capital city Jaipur. From the first, she had a deep connection with her ancestral village. Brig. Raghubir Singh, her grandfather, was the sarpanch of the Soda village located in the Tonk district. After finishing graduation from the Lady Shri Ram College of Delhi University she had completed her MBA from the Balaji Institute of Modern Management located in Pune.

The youngest sarpanch of India
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The Youngest Sarpanch of India

After completing her MBA, she had worked in the leading companies like Times of India, Airtel, Carlson Group of Hotels. Then she left her corporate job to pursue her dream to serve her village and bring the better change in the life of the villagers. She had understood that the problems of the rural lives are rooted very far. In order to bring the change, she has to start from the grass-root level. She went back to her village and started working for the development of the Soda village. Later, she was elected as the youngest Sarpanch of the country.

Her Achievement in the Betterment of the Soda Village

Under the guidance of Chhavi Rajawat, the village named Soda is undertaking the modern notion set by the recent Government. According to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the houses are developing their own toilets. In a two-day national thematic workshop held in Panipat, Rajawat proudly declared that in her village around 800 houses have their own toilets among the total 900 households. This is indeed a great achievement for the rural India, which is also accompanied by the huge investment of a soft drink company to clean the source of the drinking water of the village.

Her achievement in the betterment of the Soda Village
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In her development scheme, her village now receives 22 hours of electricity which was previously allotted for only four hours. Her achievements hadn’t arrived very easily. She had successfully created various roads through the village, but she failed to create an IT center in the village due to various problems with the other political regimes of the village.

According to the youngest Sarpanch with an MBA of the country, the country needs to be developed at a fast pace. With the presence of young and educated generation and the modern Indian women, there are indeed hopes for the further and the faster developments in our country.


Written By: Sanjay Kumar Patra


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