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Choose Honesty Over Being Careless


Choose Honesty Over Being Careless
“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” ― Albert Einstein


Adhering to the principle of honesty and speaking the truth plays an integral role in many major decisions. The manner in which a person deals with the facts and figures of a matter decides the outcome.

If a person is careless in his approach in the small decisions, he can lead the whole decision-making process into a wrong direction. One should consider gaining enough knowledge about the matter before his approach. He should get to know the truth about different aspects of the decision rather than being negligent in approach.

“Do not use time or words carelessly. Neither can be retrieved.”
― Lecare

An incautious approach towards a specific matter can lead to various problems and lead the subject farther away from the ultimate target. In every single sphere of life, one should strictly stick to speaking truth, whatever may be the worth of that situation. This will enable one to take good responsibility for bigger and more important decisions.

Stick to the Truth rather than being Incautious

If for a certain situation, a person thinks that there would be no problem if he does not speak the truth or tampers with the facts, he opens up the number of chances and probabilities of the situation turning out in the opposite or negative direction. An incautious behavior towards a situation is always futile. A person should always maintain complete honesty in any situation he faces.

The attitude towards solving the problem should not be altered even if it is smaller. If a person does not tamper with the truth in small matters, a level of trust is built up in his favor. He is adored by the society and is bestowed upon with larger opportunities.

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Being Careless can Lead to Doom

Careless attitude and altering the truth in any situation is quite harmful. This has the potency to nullify all the progress and the developments that have taken place in the matter. Whatever might be the results, the path of honesty should always be chosen over that of being incautious and dishonesty. Although the initial results might not be as high as expected or even be quite worse, this should not cause one to deviate from the path.

Adhering to the path of honesty irrespective of the type of situation or a number of hardships one might face in the journey makes the person successful at the end.

Choose to be Upright over being Negligent

Negligence opens up the doors to a dark and gloomy world in the front. This, however, can be averted suitably by adopting the path of knowledge and consciousness. Rather than choosing to be dishonest and stick to lies and deceit in the absence of knowledge, one should prefer the path of honesty to achieve the goal. An upright behavior is highly essential in any work field.

Those who choose to be negligent are highly criticized for their actions. Knowledge of the matter concerned can help a person to fight out any problems in the path, whereas, careless attitude gives them a boost. So, in a venture towards success, every person should consider gaining knowledge as the primary motive.


A careless attitude is condemned in every stage of life. A person who is careless always finds the profit in wrong things and heads in the wrong direction. Being incautious not only defames a person but also may land him in deep trouble due to the actions biased by the attitude.

A careless person might also choose the path of dishonesty to get his motives completed. All these actions that he commits in the due course are extremely harmful towards a matter that he is into.

So, rather than being incautious, one should be honest in his approach. A prior knowledge of the matter will help build up the necessary confidence and thereby prevent oneself from adopting the path of dishonesty.



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