Common Sense Perfects Education

“It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.”


Common Sense Perfects Education
“It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.” ― Robert Green Ingersoll


An educated person definitely has some worth and value associated by virtue of all his preaching.

But education, merely by itself does not define the personality of a person. Rather, the common sense perfects education and reflects the presence of mind of a person and a great mind is always respected in front of all other nerdy educations.

Common sense makes a person capable enough to solve any real-life problem and can only be cultivated by the individual himself in the due process of acquiring the conventional education.

Education and Common Sense: The Link

Mere education has limited boundaries and has limited applications. One cannot simply take his/her education to attain overall excellence.

No matter how much and what quality of education a person acquires, common sense perfects education. It will always be the common sense that will define a person’s personality and attitude.

Education can act as a storage since one can simply get all the education and store for the application as and when necessary, but common sense is highly integral for continuous adaptation and learning.

Knowledge can be measured on the basis of time and training invested to acquire knowledge and can be judged on the basis of demonstration.

On the other hand, common sense has no measurement and cannot be judged on the basis of demonstration.

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The Perks of having Common Sense

Education can establish, create and invent things, but it doesn’t teach people the necessary values.

An educated person might not always feel comfortable with the knowledge everywhere while a person with common sense has the answer to every question which makes him/her superlative to others.

Common sense allows people to go through their life with little difficulties since they tend to have immediate solutions to the problems that life offers to them by making optimum use of the available resources.

It offers consciousness and better understanding of each and every situation. Education makes people intelligent but it’s the common sense that makes people smart.

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Common Sense Perfects Education

When someone has education without common sense, it’s like having millions of dollars with nowhere to spend on. It makes people limited with their resources. It might make you rich but it has no real-life implications.

Common sense develops from adaptation and analysis. When an individual uses his/her mind with respect to the situation itself, it offers him/her great ideas in form of common sense. It makes people express their talents in most crucial situations.

A man with education works hard but a man with common sense works effectively. Education along with common sense can surely make a man complete both in real-life as well as working sectors.


Since common sense perfects education, it has the power to induce creativity. It is not what students get to learn in classes or institutions. It is the respective lives that offers people this knowledge continuously till the end and it completely depends on them to grasp it for certain future instances.



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