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Inspiring WorldInspirational StoriesComplicated Train Delivery Successful, Thanks To MBBS Student Vipin Khadse

Complicated Train Delivery Successful, Thanks To MBBS Student Vipin Khadse


Would you help a co-passenger during an emergency?

Emergency health risks rarely announce their arrival. This is especially true during travel. Travel always involves a certain degree of uncertainty when it comes to pregnant women or people suffering from illnesses like Blood Pressure and Heart Disease. Many factors like temperature changes, confined/restricted spaces, locomotion, and changes in diet may disturb the delicate fabric of health. Such scenarios call for immediate and intelligent action on the part of friends, family, and co-passengers.

But very few like Vipin Khadse can calmly and wisely assess the situation and take decisions in the best interests of the sick person.


Vipin Khadse (Image Source)


A Brave Young Doctor, Vipin Khadse

That is exactly what happened in this story, when a final year MBBS student was faced with an emergency during a train journey. Call it a test or a divine coincidence that he was traveling alongside a heavily pregnant woman who went into labour on a train. Pregnant women are treated with extra caution by most Airlines and transport departments. But Train journeys in India tend to be precarious for them and there is very little provision for accommodating them.

Vipin Bhagwanrao Khadse was called to action and was forced to apply every ounce of knowledge he had learned to safely help deliver the child and ensure the good health of both Mother and Infant. In the present times, helpfulness and compassion are both a novelty. There is a lack of empathy towards others suffering and people like Vipin truly seem like a diamond in the rough.

Vipin’s story is proof that humanity is not yet dead. Selfless compassion and willingness to help under all circumstances are the mark of a real doctor. Vipin will be a boon to the patients of India and we can say that he will go a long way in fulfilling his duties to his patients.

  • Vipin, an MBBS student, single-handedly assisted Chitralekha, who went into labour aboard the Ahmedabad-Puri express.
  • While faced with some complications, the delivery was finally successful.
  • Vipin was not alone during the biggest test of his medical education. He sought help from his fellow Doctors through phone calls and WhatsApp.

A case of Complicated Delivery

Thanks to the Internet and WhatsApp, he quickly shared a picture of the infant whose shoulder emerged first, instead of the head. This situation could have easily made the best of doctors anxious, let along an undergraduate student. But Vipin did not let his nerves get the better of him. With the life of a mother and child, and his own career at stake, he had to compose himself and shoulder his responsibilities.

Vipin shared this life-changing experience on Facebook. Despite being an unqualified Doctor, 24-year old Vipin displayed level-headedness and grit in the absence of any medical equipment or prior experience. He received tons of help and support from a WhatsApp group of Doctors and was also advised by a senior resident Doctor from the Government Medical College & Hospital, Nagpur.

Image Source


New Family Member Born in a Train

The baby boy was united with its 24-year old mother Chitralekha and family of daily-wage labourers. Little did they know when they boarded the train from Ahmedabad that they would be joined with a new member of the family.

Selfless Doctors are a Boon to Society

The young Doctor must be commended for being ready to act in such a delicate situation. Although there was a significant amount of blood loss, he applied pressure to staunch the bleeding, thus saving the woman’s life. We need more selfless Doctors like Vipin Khadse in our country. We must also appreciate and extensively support the use of technology for helping and uplifting those in need.


Written By: Anju V. Nambiar


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