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The Connection Between Knowledge and Wisdom – 5 Wiser Workplace Habits for Smoother Lifestyle

“Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living.”


In the world of the modern day’s rat race, knowledge is often confused with wisdom.

If you have enough bookish knowledge to crack a seat at one prestigious college, you will be regarded as the wisest persons in your close circle. And when knowledge is disguised as wisdom, it becomes very dangerous.

While knowledge comes from learning, there exist no such shortcut ways to acquire wisdom, is there?

In simple word, wisdom can be termed as experienced knowledge and the application of it.

Wisdom is the real version of knowledge; wisdom comes from living.

Wisdom lets you touch reality while knowledge only cages you under the fake imagination it has painted all through.

The Connection Between Knowledge and Wisdom – 5 Wiser Workplace Habits for Smoother Lifestyle
“Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living.” ― Anthony Douglas Williams


Knowledge and Wisdom – Why these Two are often Confused?

As has been rightly enumerated by Anthony Douglas, knowledge and wisdom are often confused by the society around us.

Knowledge is merely the existing information but wisdom is the way to find a new path through it. Wisdom cannot be achieved by any shortcut path, wisdom comes from living the life you are given.

Knowledge is more tangible, something you have this instant to show off to other people, while wisdom is not. In simpler words, knowledge is the material and the wisdom is the product that comes from properly processing the materials.

And this is precisely the reason why people get confused by these two words. After getting the materials in hand, people consider they have achieved the product and do not bother to process it further.

The Connection Between Knowledge and Wisdom

As it has been mentioned earlier than if knowledge is considered to be the material, wisdom the processed product out of those materials, but that does not clear the connection between mere knowledge and wisdom.

In the words of a layman, if knowledge is knowing or learning that tomato is a fruit, wisdom having the sense of not adding tomato in a fruit salad.

The connection between knowledge and wisdom is like a thread connecting two dots. Without one, the other one cannot exist.

If knowledge is the basic, wisdom is the advanced level. Knowledge is considered the first step of the stair, while wisdom is considered to be the journey of climbing a staircase.

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“…. Wisdom Comes from Living”

The sentence apparently seems perfectly innocent with a very clear meaning to deliver but it is not.

What does it mean to live? Do your daily chores, do your daily job, come home, watch TV and sleep? And do the same things all over again?

That might fit the biological definition of living but where wisdom is concerned, this sense of living will not benefit you at all, if not pull you backwards.

So, how do you do it? How do you live to use your knowledge and bloom it into a garden of wisdom?

From Knowledge to Wisdom – 5 Ways to Preach and Practice Wiser Habits in Your Workplace

Even though we all know that all these tactics cannot alone help you in your spiritual awakening but these ways can surely help in evaluating your lifestyle and push you towards more self-realisation and gain the wisdom of life as wisdom comes from living.

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1. Explore. Experience. Speculate – Learn from your past decisions and keep moving forward to understand the connection between knowledge and wisdom.

You cannot ever expect to put your hard-earned knowledge into wisdom if you keep doing things in ways you have always done before as it is said that wisdom comes from living.

One of the finest ways towards wisdom and establish the connection between knowledge and wisdom is through new experiences.

Try new things at work. Learn from your past decisions and retrospect how such decision affected the end result. Observe the world around you and speculate. Wonder a little.

It is proven that exhaustion and lack of proper resources can essentially affect a person from making wise decisions. Hence, explore more into your lifestyle and make necessary changes.

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2. Build a more Constructive Environment around You – Positive environment inspires positive decisions.

The environment around us influences us greatly. It can influence our knowledge, our freedom and our ability to experience and explore.

If you are willing to achieve more wiser decisions at your workplace, it is essential that you build a constructive environment around you first.

Choice Based Learning or CBL is proven to be influenced by positively constructed environment.

3. Take Notes and Question Your Actions – Enhance Your Critical Thinking.

The constant way to wisdom is to constantly question yourself.

Take notes of the knowledge you earned and question yourself, ‘what is the best way to put that knowledge into so that you get the best possible outcome?’

Always asks questions about whether you can apply your knowledge to better use. Critical thinking is one of the best ways to increase the possibility of applying wiser decisions.

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4. Discuss – Verify and Trust.

Look out for yourself and verify the data on the basis of which you have made your decision.

Discuss your ideas with a mentor or your friend. Check with them whether they have already applied the same and get any fruitful result or not.

If you are about to make a decision only on data, always critically check the past results of the same combination and verify things properly.

5. Review

After making the application of your knowledge to the best possible use, review the work.

Did it work? If not, what was wrong with it? How much benefit you are getting out of it?

This will only help you speculate better from the next time onwards.


The abovementioned steps shall not guarantee you wisdom instantly but only practice and experience can help you gain so – the wisdom to deal with people from your work, the wisdom to deal with difficult situation.

It doesn’t matter whether your application of knowledge worked or not, wisdom comes from failures as well as from success. And with every little attempt, you plant a tree of wisdom until you start noticing your garden.



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