The Most Contented Person Is The One Who Live Happily In Present


“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” ― Jim Rohn
“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” ― Jim Rohn


It is the truth that everyone is never entirely happy with their lives nor has complete contentment in life. There are many people who seem to get stuck with what will make them happy in the future. The reality is the future is just that – the prospect. Be worried with how happy you are at present, and do everything best in your power to create your present the best it can be. It is necessary that you accept all your feelings for your present situation. They are effective, even if you like them or not. Accepting your present situation is the initial step to feeling happier.

Happiness is not a feeling like grasshopper vs. ant quagmire. You need not live with uninhabited abandon area supposing that winter will never come, nor do you require toiling ant slow-moving until some future date when you can lastly be happy.

Avoid Negative People and Situations

If you want to be happy in present, you need to avoid negative people and situations as much as possible and to live stress-free life. Unfortunately, that is not always so simple, as these people are frequently your family members or friends. Thus, if you can’t wholly avoid these people, then it’s worth designing for future ahead and determining how you’ll deal with them in future circumstances. Negative people or situation will spread negativity and hinders you from staying happy in present.

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Feel the Contentment at Present

Being at present and gaining inspiration from present experience is certainly the only way to relish life to the fullest. At present by being attentive, you relish your food more; you love friends and family more, you delight in anything you are doing more. Anything and everything you might think are drudgery or tedious, such as housework for kids, can be marvellous if you are truly present. Remaining fully present does takes practice, but its incredible feeling. The inspiration and experience you gain by being in present is immense and let you stay happy.

The value you pay for repeatedly attaching conditions on your happiness is that you never actually get there. As soon as certain condition or dreams are not satisfied, it becomes a cause for not being truly happy in present. In the time being, you frequently float around in a semi- frustrated ‘limbo’ state, continuously with one eye on the horizon and a desire for future satisfaction, rather than relishing and feeling the contentment of what is going on right now.

Share Happiness in the Present

Happiness is not like the forest. You need not have to concern that you will use too much and the earth will perish. In reality, the reverse is the truth. Happiness is the sentiment that gets multiplied when shared with family, friends, dear ones, employees, etc. If you are happy in present before you get rise, you will be more proficient in happiness and more probable to respond with joy when better things come to your path.

Happiness is similar to any other habit: The more you exercise and share it, the more real and fantastic it becomes. There are two major reasons why you postpone happiness for future. The first is you do not believe that you deserve happiness. The second is you are disordered about what really makes you happy in the present.

If you wish to be happy today, right now, offer yourself consent to enjoy the things that shares real pleasure and feel the contentment with what you possess. Be a part of something superior to yourself, devote time to your family and friends, and be sympathetic whenever you get the chance. It also suggests that you plan for the future all you desire, but do not place your happiness on hold till it gets here.


Written By: Tejas Adesara


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