Contribute Towards The Progress Of Humanity By Empowering Weaker Sections

Contribute Towards The Progress Of Humanity By Empowering Weaker Sections
“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” — Bill Gates


Empower Others to make them Self-Reliant

Have you ever felt the inner urge to do something good for others? Do you think you can empower the needy people and contribute towards making them self-reliant? If ‘Yes’, then you need to execute your noble ideas and thoughts. It is only by translating your sublime ideas into reality that you can become a true leader.

Leadership is not an inborn talent. It needs to be acquired by means of consistent hard work, wholehearted devotion and single-minded efforts towards accomplishing your goal.

You can be a true leader if you contribute to the welfare of mankind. It directly gives rise to the question- In what sort of welfare can you contribute?”

The answer is not at all difficult. You must devote your valuable time and energy into empowering the people belonging to the weaker sections of society. In other words, if you can be of some help to empower someone, your contribution will be enormous for the welfare of humanity in general.

“The greatest service to humanity consists in empowering the needy and the poor.”
— Deepa Sharma

Small Efforts Impart a Sense of Fulfillment

Let me tell you about my own personal experience. I am a teacher by profession and my duty is to teach and educate my students. Usually I wonder if I am empowering them or not by teaching them Science and Maths.

You might say ‘Yes’ but I disagree with you on this. I personally feel that I am just doing the work which I am supposed to do as a teacher. I get the salary for what I do. This makes me feel that I should do more as a teacher to achieve a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

My contribution towards empowering the students will be determined by what else I am doing for my students in particular and society in general.

“Have I ever done something as a responsible citizen of my country for the betterment of society?”

This question keeps haunting me now and then because I know I need to do something earnestly which gives me self-satisfaction.

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Wholehearted Efforts Lead to Satisfaction

If being a teacher, I take extra classes or teach those students free of cost who are weak in studies, then I will be happy and satisfied with myself for having contributed in the progress of society. My wholehearted efforts will give me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

If there is at least one poor student who can carry on or complete his studies due to the assistance provided by me, I can then proudly say that I have done my bit in empowering a student of mine.

It directly leads to the fact that if every single individual pledges to empower at least one person, the world will become an ideal place to live.

Empowering Others is the Biggest Achievement

To cut the long story short, it is our responsibility to uplift the people belonging to weaker sections of society. We need to empower them to make them live happily and peacefully. Here it must be understood that there is a world of difference between ’empowering someone’ and ‘helping a person’. It is indeed an act of humanity to help someone who is in some problem, but it is a much bigger achievement for us if we are able to empower someone. It will surely make our existence meaningful on this earth.

I love serving people. I love helping people empower themselves.”
— Marion Barry


Written By: Deepa Sharma


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