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Count The Success By The Positive Differences That You Make


“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.” — Roy T. Bennett

People struggle and repeatedly work on their skills for getting their work done but they fail to understand that often success is spelled by a positive difference that the actions bring about in this world.

They often get mistaken with the result of the restless struggles and sleepless nights which they devoted to getting their work done for their success if the results are not satisfactory.

It’s never called success which they see in their accomplished work, rather it would be better to call them as accomplishments.

Success is reflected only when any successful accomplishment makes a positive difference to the world. It’s called the success when the change offers capabilities to other people in this world.

Accomplishments Bring Mere Joy, Success is Spelled by a Positive Difference

Success is never achieved if the course of action and strategies adopted to achieve the same are selfish and concerned with you only.

No matter how far you travel or how high you climb, it will not be considered a success if your work is not used for the world.

Accomplishments provide joy while success is spelled by a positive difference in this world often leading to satisfaction.

The people who devote themselves towards achieving real success have certain habitual ways of behaving and approaching life and work and their change offers capabilities to several other people in this world.

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The Behaviour of Successful People

The behaviour is what separates the successful people from the crowd. They completely dedicate their life to the work which gives their life a meaning and purpose. They have explored the purpose of their work and life and completely devote themselves to using their learning as a medium of service.

They work for making themselves better by analyzing their limitations and prejudices. They have a great positive influence and understand the impact of relationships and connections with other people. They love to get reviews and comments on their work from several people and work accordingly.

Successful people invest their time and energy wisely and enjoy their service for the world and also let others take benefits from their actions. They want their change because they know the change is for betterment only, for the betterment of the world and for the betterment of themselves as well.

Knowledge is not confined to one self in case of successful people. They feel free to share what they learn, the quality which makes them great leaders and influencers.

They take their responsibilities seriously, not to flaunt or misuse them but as an honour and accept them with grace and compassion. This is what makes them successful which has a lot more value as compared to the mere joy that accomplishments provide.


Success is spelled by a positive difference and hence it’s your attitude and role towards the world that can make you successful.

No matter how much fluency you get by brushing up on your skills, you will still lack if your works don’t bring any revolution and positive difference to the outside world.

Your dedication and attitude towards others are the only characteristics which can bring such difference and ultimately make you successful.



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