Dare To Go Off The Beaten Path And Leave Your Own Trail



“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Christopher Columbus would not have discovered America, had he not believed in charting a new route for himself. In fact, all the great discoveries and inventions of the world were made when pioneers went beyond the familiar paths. In fact, the progress of human beings has been totally dependent on individuals who were brave enough to go where there were no paths.

The quote, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” is not for everyone. It meant for those who dare to take life as a challenge. People who follow this advice may not discover another America, but they surely discover the America within them. They come across the hidden pool of resources and capabilities within them that makes their life different from others.


Tapping Your Inner Strength

Everyone is blessed with special talents which lie dormant within them. Even the mental capacities that everyone has, is hardly used even a fraction of it. This has been proved by researches as well. Just as a muscle grows only when it is worked upon, our untapped potential grows only when they are challenged.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to break the pattern that we get used to in life. They lull our senses in their comfort. Taking risk becomes an avoidable endeavor that is built up on excuses. So how can one get away from his comfort zones? There are a few ways to do it painlessly.

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Take More Responsibilities

While it may sound crazy to advise anyone to take more responsibilities, it actually works. You must have seen people who shirk responsibilities. They don’t even take responsibilities for the circumstances they are in. They always blame something external or outside their control for their state of affairs. Are such people successful? Never! They are the failures in life.

On the contrary when people start taking responsibilities, they automatically get motivated to change their circumstances. More and more responsibilities also give the strength and resourcefulness to take care of these responsibilities. People who cultivate the leadership qualities within them are most often those who have decided to take up more responsibilities on their own.

Stop Complaining

People, who grumble about everything, never get anything done. Complaining often becomes an excuse for not doing anything. The moment one stops complaining, he starts working on changing the object of his complaint. These may need creative solutions. These solutions are usually not those which already exist.

The person may have to walk off the beaten track and make new trails which lead him to the solution. Where does this leave you? You acquire the confidence and competencies to make changes in and around your life.

The path which everyone takes in life will lead you to what everyone gets in life, but if you want to achieve something different, something more valuable; you need to make your own path and leave a trail for others to follow.



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