Delivering Opinions in a Pompous Way may Reveal Much About You

“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.”


Delivering Opinions in a Pompous Way may Reveal Much About You
“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


We all love to have freedom of expression. Also all of us practice the right to say our opinions on the things we come across every day. But in the urge of expressing our opinions, we sometime give opportunity to others to create opinion on us.

It feels really embarrassing to be in that situation. It all happens because of us. We create opinions on the things not as they are, but as we wish and according to ourselves.

We project our experiences or ideas towards others in the form of opinions.

Choose your words wisely as being opinionated is good but it may reveal upon much more than what you want!

Every time our expressions may not be true or factual. We may say it is ugly where actually it is beautiful. All this happens because of different perceptions on different things.

Our opinions say all about our character. It shows how broad or narrow minded we are. While deciding others character, we show off ourselves to others.

Few people love their life and few don’t. We characterize few people to consider close to us and we avoid and won’t even talk to few other groups of people. It is because of one’s past or the way they were brought up from childhood.

Here are few key factors which helps in changing your opinion on giving opinions.

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1. Do Not Make an Opinion based on First Impression

Nothing or no person can get exhibited completely in front of you in just few minutes. You may see only a few characters about them when you spend a little time and form a strong opinion.

You can never judge someone with their first impression on you. The interpretations you do might go wrong most of the time.

So never judge until you get a perfect picture of a person or situation.

2. Step Back and Think for a Moment

No one is perfect in the world. Sometimes mistakes happens because of needs and greed.

Try to figure out what exactly the situation is, before coming to a conclusion. Think for a moment.

Things you have seen or heard may not be always true. Let your opinions based on the real facts instead of something that came across you for a moment.

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3. Never Judge a Book by its Cover

We are all humans. We are living by sharing this earth. Someone may look great and someone may not. But that doesn’t mean they are less or more compared to others.

When you see a person caught for some crime, try to speak to him and know the reason or fact behind the scene. Never go without humanity in your opinion.

4. Remember; Uncertainty is Common

We all carry certain assumptions on our back always unknowingly. We get connected to people easily with our kindness. May be qualification, gender, locality or status matter for connecting with them.

Same way when we see some uncertain characters we step back involuntarily. This seems to look awkward when you go along people. Never let your opinions hurt others.

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5. Avoid Getting Ashamed on Your Opinions

When you think of insulting others for their action, you yourself may get into trouble sometimes.

Following the steps mentioned will surely avoid you from getting shame in many instances. You may feel guilt when you repeat to get slammed in front of people in public.


Expressions or opinions are acceptable. But they should never be aimed at others feelings.

When you get a chance to express yourself, be humble and clever to know what to say and when to say.

Expressions too much may give a wrong impression on others as others have leave on you.

Sharing opinions about others is not bad until it is done with context to unharming others! Otherwise, it will frame you in a bad way!



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