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Destiny is the Invisible Planner of Life


“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” ― Joseph Campbell


Our life is a predetermined sketch of events by God that we called the destiny or fate. When we are born, our life is like a blank canvas waiting to be fill up with different colours of life such as joy, sorrow, achievement, fear frustration, etc. These are the entire situation we have to go through during the journey of life.

Sometimes we want to achieve those things that are impossible. We intend to hold on tightly to those things which perhaps not meant for us. We forget that God has the perfect plan for all of us. He is the sailor of our lifeboat. If we have trust on the almighty, we will live a peaceful life.

Have Faith on Destiny, but Never Sit Idle

From the very beginning of our birth, our parents began to plan our life. Some want their kids to be a doctor and some wants to be professor; some intends to focus on the artistic performance like music, dance and wish the kid to be famous in that field. But does it work always? Do all the plans we want to sketch in our life comes true?

The answer is obviously, No! And this NO makes the entire problem in our life as well as creates anxiety and mental depression. As a result, we lost the energy to think about restart our life with the same energy. So the first thing we should learn and teach our kids how to let go those things that do not mean for you.

Many of us may ask me shouldn’t we try to achieve the things we dream? Would we sit idle depending on our destiny? No Dear friends! We must try our best, we must work towards what we want to achieve, but if we failed to get succeed in our mission, we should not break up in frustration.

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How to Let Things Go Of

In subconscious mind, we always fear the unknown situation. We tightly hold on things that we knew so far. We used to cling to things or person or our ego, our job and all till our knuckles get ragged off. But if we are wise enough to think beyond, maybe there is a new world waiting for us there. So sometimes in life, we have to take the small risks to move on forward. If I set few simple examples, I can explain it more precisely.

We often fear to let our kids go on the way that is totally different from the conventional way. We never encourage them if they want to make their career in games, music, or any other non-conventional career options. We fear about the future. We insist them to move on unlike the others – that is the traditional way of pursuing a degree from college and doing a good job and secured future.

How many of us encourage our kids to play Football or Cricket or Basketball to make it a career? We can’t, as there is fear of failure in every step in an unknown way. So the first thing in life we must know to let things go of that we are habituated.

Find Out the Life that is Waiting for Us

We need to let go many things that are not suitable for us, and have patience to wait, as God has some greater plans for us in future. If we believe this from the core of our soul, if we have faith on the extreme superpower, whose direction is the ultimate to decide our destiny, then probably we can get the peace of mind.

Restlessness creates anxiety and mental agony. In relationships, break up often cause mental pain, but if we let the people go out of our life who are not suitable for us, then we could hardly find out the right one. So the sooner we understand the situation – maybe it’s a tough ego fight in a workplace, in the relationship, in career, we should act fast to let it go and get rid of the painful situation.

Maybe, there is a tremendous opportunity God has created for us. But unless we remove the blind cover from our eyes, we could not find the right way.

Man Proposes, but God Disposes

Yes! It’s true. Man can make plans throughout his life, but its God’s will whether to succeed or to fail in our planning. We can try our best, give our 100% to fulfil our wish, but despite our hard effort, we do fail.

In Olympic Games, all the athletes give their best effort to get the gold medal, but it’s the difference of a fraction of a second that decides the winner. But does the other players quit from the game? No, it’s the hope to do even better and win. Their secret desire is the inspiration to move on to the next.


So, the earlier we would stop screaming, crying, chasing behind the things those are not destined for us, the sooner we would find the right things God planned for us. Get prepared to lose what you have to get what you might have. Don’t be too defensive. Put your effort in your work and allow God to do the rest to plan your destiny by his own hand.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya


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