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Discover Your Inner Genius To Become Much Strong To Win


Discover Your Inner Genius To Become Much Strong To Win
“The strong one doesn’t win; the one that wins is strong.” ― Franz Beckenbauer


Are you one among the person who lives around the voices calling themselves strong and compatible? Many feel successful for everything that turns their fate and gives them a feeling of high strength.

Then you should read this old story of a Goat. It feels proud of its strong head and wins every fight with other animals. Out of its arrogance, it decides to prove its worth by breaking a mountain with its powerful head. What do you think it resulted in? One seemingly high has lost its life, hitting the rock.

Franz Beckenbauer rightly said that “The strong one doesn’t win; the one that wins is strong.”

A lesson for many who feel and consider outward positively seeming facets guarantees him/her a victory over anything. But in reality, the rough, rigid, not so good looking Mountain wins the fight on the battlefield.

Be Strong to Make Your Dreams Come True

Same goes for any game you play or watch or would like to learn in future. Remember not only just to look onto the mere outward appearance but dig deep insight onto it.

What do you feel about football players who are having strong muscle, great height and good running abilities; can they beat every opponent team? Or else will you look or dig deep into their communication in play, co-ordination, strategies, quickness and working hard to kick goal without any let-up. Definitely, you’ll go through the second list, right!

Be determined to face all the odds and try to defeat them until you win. Make all the needed changes to yourself, less unlikely to weaknesses, and then you become more motivated and never allow negative motivations.

If some call for negative thoughts, be determined that you won’t change or let yourself until you win.

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Be Aglow with Winning Spirit and Confidence

Winning is not all, it is just a part of life. Acquiring everything you want is not an easy task. It needs a lot of strenuous work and passion towards your goal. However, life is not a cakewalk; there will be a certain point in life where you have to face defeat.

For example, if you or your loved person meets with a serious accident, then it will be difficult to cope with all the distress and pain. It is a situation where you need to be strong and come up with a winning spirit and overcome any difficulties that come on your way.

Sportsman Spirit

If you are placing your time and effort to get trained for sport, then you should know that your opponent is also doing the same. They are also putting their sweat, blood and tears to win the trophy. It is important to have the right attitude to win the game.

Remember the iconic sportsmen did not get their titles in the first attempt. They lost several medals before they could taste their first win.

For Victory, you have to shed tears, sweat, or sometimes you feel tired and get cramps. But all these things become small in front of the success.

Feel the joy when your parents see you getting the victory. Imagine the joy of mad cheering of your classmates, friends and family.

When we witness all these things then our pain, sorrow and everything gets disappeared.


To all those who feel that being tough physically leads to success in sports is just like building a house without pillars.

Winning does not need to be strong; it just wants dedication, smartness, hard work and persistence. All these make you firm for winning your goal.


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha



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