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Do Not Try To Find Yourself; Create Yourself

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”


Do Not Try To Find Yourself; Create Yourself
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ― George Bernard Shaw


In life, large portions of us are attempting to find who we are and what life truly intends to us. Actually “life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

It’s about finding what we’re prepared to do and gaining from our difficulties in life to develop into the individual we choose to be.

The following article is written to inspire the lives of those who have forgotten what they really mean to themselves and what they are capable of. It is just a matter of time when a person can go from good to best.

Don’t Just Find Yourself, Create Yourself

This is such a valid point!

It’s ludicrous to consider every one of us has only one impeccable enthusiasm in life, or that there is stand out the thing that we’re on this planet to do. Getting yourself or discovering your enthusiasm is a misnomer.

You can discover energy or a form of yourself; in any case, you need to make the individual you need to be. You need to seek after something profoundly before you know whether it’s a good fit for you.

In case we’re fortunate, each of us will have numerous things we’re energetic about in our lifetimes.

Getting yourself is the aftereffect of working as hard as possible, and making the individual and the life you need.

Try not to stress over hitting the nail on the head, simply stress over doing fascinating, essential, epic or significant work. The work will lead you.

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The Key to a Happy Life

One of the keys to lead a happy life is understanding “life is not about what you see, it’s about how you see it.”

It implies by taking a good look at your issues in life as difficulties to take in and developing physically, rationally, and from most profound sense of being, we are really making and defining ourselves with each minute we live and each breath we take.

Essentially, we live to learn so we may figure out how to live.

Life isn’t as simple as it seems. As the quote explains, “you need to tumble down before you can figure out how to stand tall”.

In any case, it’s not about getting thumped down, it’s about how we get to go down and gain from our slip-ups to improve as a man, regardless of what difficulties life brings in our direction.

Whether we understand it or not, each decision we make shapes us into whom we are. It’s dependent upon us in the event that we choose to change our dietary patterns or work out.

It’s our choice to stand and battle or leave. It’s only you who choose to confront the things you’re troubled with in your life and change them or simply acknowledge them.

The primary concern, each decision we make, each test we face, it’s the way we handle every minute in our lives that makes the individual you find in the mirror every day.

What I really think is you can gain more from your bad past or encounters and settle on the decisions that make the individual you need to be, and not give your surroundings a chance to settle on the choice for you.

If you start thinking about other people’s happiness and if we start to create happy lives, I’m sure you will:

    • Will start to concentrate more on the solutions and less on the problems.
    • Become a helper for others too.
    • Will start to build trust and confidence in yourself.

Keep in Mind: “Life isn’t about Finding Yourself, it’s about Creating Yourself.”

Be a voice of motivation for change in your life and even for others, and turn into the individual you wanted to be.



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Vishakha Goyal
Vishakha Goyal
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