Do Things That You Will Never Regret Doing



“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West


It is said that the river is never the same. Every moment it changes. The river that was there the last moment is not what it is now. The water that was there has changed. This philosophical thought alludes to the fact that time goes on and it brings with it changes in everything around us. Life is not the same ever again. But we never realize this change. We always postpone our dreams, our happiness. Because at the moment we are busy with something that we feel is important and essential. We brush away for later, what we wish to do.

Postponing Our Happiness

Steve Jobs, the iconic genius behind the Apple brand of products, was dying of cancer. It is said that he regretted that in life he had everything, yet he could not pursue several of his cherished dreams. No one knows when life will be snatched away from us. No one knows when our time would come. The only regret that we have at the end is; not doing what we have always wanted to. Why do we postpone our happiness to some point in future? Why do we regret and wish for the past which we find was wonderful? The reason is; we never live in the present. The time to be happy is, now! The time to fulfill our dreams and wishes is, Now! Start feeling happy this very moment. Feel the happiness course through your veins, now. No one will give you the gift of time, apart from the one that you are having. So be happy, now.

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Do it Right the First Time

There may not be time to repeat an experience. An experience is like a river. You can not see the same river twice again. So whatever you do in life, give it your best shot. Not every shot can be perfect. You will win some, you will lose some. It doesn’t matter. Life is not meant to be perfect. What needs to be perfect is your determination, your sense of commitment. Give your 100% to what you do. That way whether you succedd fully or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have given the best shot that you can. You have done your best. You could not have done any better. So there is no room for regret. That is what is important in life – not having any regret for what you have done.

To be successful in life is not important, as success is a relative term. Success depends on from where someone started and with what he started. A physically disabled person walking one mile is success, compared to an athlete running one mile in four minutes. But your own inner happiness is most important. Always remember, you only live once. Whatever you do, if you do not have anything to regret; then you have led a very successful and happy life!


Written By: Raj Kumar Hansdah


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