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Does Honesty Determine One’s Character? How To Implement Honesty In Life?


Does Honesty Determine One's Character? How To Implement Honesty In Life?
“Who lies for you will lie against you.” ― John Locke


Can You Determine A Person’s Character By His Honesty?

Do you think honesty is a trait that helps you determine a person’s character? Of course, yes. A person’s honesty says a lot about their character. Honesty and integrity are often considered as a wise man’s weapon.

A society shows immense respect for honest people. Nobody will trust or respect you once you are caught for a dishonest act.

You really need to befriend honesty to travel the path of wisdom. But obviously, we are not great at being honest at everything in our life. And, we often choose the path of dishonesty for its short-term benefits.

Be A Man of Actions

People will always judge your actions to determine your character. You should be true to yourself and your actions. Your actions should speak your character.

Be a man of actions and not mere words. Your actions should satisfy you, for that your actions have to be honest.

One should be a man of actions to earn trust. A trustworthy man never lies for you or against you.

Such honest people live in a set of principles made by themselves and never violate them. They will not lie to help you nor to harm you.

Dishonest words and actions will encage you gradually. Meanwhile, honest actions and words will set you free.

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Truth Leads to Wisdom

John Locke once said, Who lies for you will lie against you.”

How true is it?

A man who lies can never guarantee anything to anyone. We can’t definitely trust them over in any circumstance. Dishonest people abandon themselves in the end. How can you trust such a person?

A lie usually never ends up in one, it goes out as a cycle that you can never stop.

Lies are a burden for life and truth sets you free. So, you can decide whether to carry a burden throughout your life or to live with immense peace of mind and freedom. Actually, your words and actions determine how you will live.

William Shakespeare once said, “No legacy is so rich as honesty.”

Why Honesty Has An Important Role In Your Life?

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Relationships are the soul of life. You can’t be anything without some good people to support you.

Don’t you crave for a shoulder to lie upon during the worst as well as the best times of your life? What is the foundation for such strong relationships?

Honesty is the foundation for quality relationships. Relationships break soon if its foundation was not built with honesty.

One who lives honestly will have so many quality relationships to cherish for a lifetime. And, the happiness you get from such relationships is immensely addictive.

When you are honest to yourself, you will certainly get into a better circle of like-minded people. Honesty attracts more honest people into your life.

You can actually live a happier and peaceful life if you are honest in everything you do. The happiness, honesty gives into your life is beyond any measurements.

Here is a glance at how honesty helps you lead a better life:

  • Honesty helps you build close and strong relationships.
  • People will trust you easily if you are honest.
  • Honesty boosts your confidence.
  • You can obviously reduce the stress of your life by being honest.
  • Honesty increases your immunity by reducing stress in your life.

Check out here to read an article published in The NY Times to have a better understanding of how honesty imparts happiness into your life.

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How To Implement Honesty in Your Life?

Here are some tips for you to practice honesty in your life. Give it a try. You will see your character and relationships getting better.

Implementing honesty into your life is not really an easy task, but for sure your hard work will be paid off gradually.

  • You should know yourself first. Be true to yourself. That will help you add a pinch of truth in everything you do.
  • Do what you really need to. Make your words your actions. Maintain synchrony between your words and actions.
  • Always think before you speak.
  • Accept that lies will only give you short-term benefits.
  • Admit your mistakes.
  • Ask for forgiveness when required.
  • Always stand on the side of the truth.

Final Words

All of us are so much attracted to lies for its short-term benefits. It is hard to keep ourselves on the path of honesty. But honesty helps you lead a peaceful and happier life. The secret for a happier life is honesty and integrity.

What keeps you on the track of honesty? How you get out of the illusion of lies?

Share some of the tacts you are following to lead an honest life. Comment below.

“Honesty is the shortest yet hardest path to attain happiness.”



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