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Don’t Run Away, Give Life A Chance


“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” ― Virginia Woolf
“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” ― Virginia Woolf


Life is an enigma for everyone. What would happen the next moment is beyond anyone’s grasp. It is also true for many that sometimes in their life a time comes when one feels as if he is the most miserable person on earth. The trauma may be beyond one’s capacity to cope with. Everyone has their own way of coping with life-shattering events. Some abandon all hope, go into their shells and a few may even contemplate ending their life. Why this happens is due to their lack of acceptance of the fact that in life change is the only constant. Good times come followed by bad and even tragic events. During such moments, one loses the power of appreciation of good things that has happened in his life, or the blessings that have been enjoyed by him.

Running Away is not, but Acceptance is the Solution

In the psychological interpretation of challenging events, there are two responses that one has the recourse to, “Fight or Flight”. While the latter may be advisable in certain situation concerning physical safety, it is a defeatist approach when faced with adverse circumstances in life. In fact there may be calamities galore as trouble never comes alone. But avoiding life will not help. What will help is acceptance of the situation with calm and grace. Acknowledging that this is a part of life and how best one can make of this phase is what emotional maturity is all about. Looking at life with the right perspective and appreciation of the blessings one has lived through, is what gives one the strength to cope and approach life with renewed vigor.

Strategies for Coping

Stressful situations in life are inevitable, but how we take them is our choice. Here some strategies are outlined that will surely help you in dealing with your stresses and finding inner peace.

Accept Stressful Situations as Part of Life: Life is made up of events, some you may consider bad or tragic. Problems in life are inevitable, but suffering is optional. Choose to cope with life as it comes.

Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude at All Times: Your own attitude towards life decides your actions, which brings their own results. Be optimistic and positive.

Get More Sleep And Rest: Sleep and rest restrict the production of stressful hormones like cortisol, and a restful relaxed body will enhance your efficiency in whatever you do.

Go for Physical Activities, Exercises and Walks: These are crucial to maintain good physical as well as mental health. Exercising boosts production of good hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Try Relaxation Techniques, Breathing Exercises and Meditation: These help in reducing stress levels and also bring about physical improvement. Meditation is especially helpful in avoiding distractions and helps you focus better on tasks.

Talk to Someone You Can Trust: Talking to someone helps release pent-up emotions and ventilates the angst and feeling of loss. Two-way heart-to-heart conversations also help in taking stock of the situation and making realistic action plans and commitments.

Gain Control of Your Life: Not letting the situation take control of your life and wresting the steering wheel from it is crucial to stand up on one’s own feet again. Taking responsibility of your life will make you feel stronger, capable and competent.

Manage Your Time Well: Time is the stuff life is made of. Time is an invaluable resource that cannot be replenished. Taking control of this resource, through efficient time management, amounts to taking control of your life.

You cannot avoid life to find peace; it is easier and better to find peace while feeling alive. Acceptance of the fact that life-situations at times can be miserable, and struggling to come out of it, will take you a long way.


Written By: Raj Kumar Hansdah


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