Dreams are the Life Ambitions, which Bring You Closer to Vision of Yours

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”


Dreams are the Life Ambitions, which Bring You Closer to Vision of Yours
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ― Walt Disney


How many of you have dreams? Certainly, all of you might have a dream of your life. However, questions come – how many of you have actually worked for the dream to make it a reality? Not many, right.

You might have daydream for very basic things or luxurious things in your life. Some of them might be in your hands while some may be not. However, as said nothing is impossible, trying to achieve what your dream is most important than only dreaming about it.

What is the difference between a Vision and a Dream? A dream remains just a dream if we cannot make an effort to make it reality. However, a vision comes out of a dream. If you work real hard with sheer dedication, your dreams will become your vision and by any means you would work upon to achieve it.

Courage is required to move out of the comfort zone and make your dreams into reality!

No Way for Procrastination

It’s very easy to see the dreams and be vocal about it. You might share it with your friends and family that you want to achieve this but do you really work upon it? The only wrong you do is Procrastinate yourself. Delaying it will make you far away from your dreams and achieving them would be of great difficulty.

Dreams are Dreams – Big or Small

It is a wrong myth that dreams if big cannot be fulfilled. Even if you wish to be a GM of the company or want a mere promotion, both of them has their own importance in your life. Being GM is a vision of yours which is bigger dream than getting promoted. But after all, Dreams are dreams and they should not be warded off thinking out of reach. Rather you must work hard to make sure you get promoted to GM one day.

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Start from the Very Moment

It is rightly said that “Never leave your work for tomorrow. In fact, start it from today itself”. Same thing applies to your dreams also.

There is no tomorrow or yesterday if you want them to be true. Start at the moment and right now. Even if you are not able to, at the max you might be frustrated or agitated but do not leave trying and one day you will succeed in fulfilling your vision. Who knows when opportunity knocks your door and you might get what you want.

Persistence is the Key

Everybody sees dreams, but sooner or later only few of many who possesses the persistence actually achieve it. It takes a lot of courage to get what you want. It is not easy but neither impossible. The only difference which matters is the time, efforts and energy put forward to pursue those dreams.

Everybody has a bucket list in their life. Be it a favorite holiday destination, purchasing a bike/car or house, promotion and many others. When any of those things are completed, a tick on the lists makes you feel much more content than anything else in life.

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Dream Leads to Your Vision

Yes, it is true. One of your dreams may lead to another dream. As stated example above, Promotion in the company will lead to another promotion dream and to another till you become the GM which is your vision. It is the continuous process.

Quantum of dreams does not matter, but how you achieve it matters the most as it differs from one individual to another individual. More you show courage in pursuing them, more dreams you would be able to fulfill.

It is not a rocket science but only requires courage. You can follow up these certain steps and start pursuing your dreams.

    • It is not necessary to jump on to a Big Dream always. Start with dreams, which are within the reach. Small dreams also matter which would surely lead you to a BIGGER DREAM.
    • Be affirmative that you can pursue it. Demotivating yourself would not be a great idea in this process.
    • Steal any opportunity that comes your way to fulfill your dreams.
    • Dream Big and act on them. Do not wait for anything else.


Never let go of your any dreams, which you think it is out of reach or cannot happen in real life. If your thoughts revolve around this, then you can never get what you have dreamed for. If that was the case, Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation would not have had vision of Free India or PM Narendra Modi would not have dreamt of Digital India and could have let them go off thinking impossible task.

It requires courage/guts to have the vision to fulfill the dreams you see.

Always remember, Dream, follow them, have faith in yourself and Never ever give up!”



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