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3 Key Ingredients To Early Childhood Education and Why It’s Important

“Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.”


3 Key Ingredients To Early Childhood Education and Why It's Important
“Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.” ― Maria Montessori


As it has been rightly put together in the quote above, early childhood education is the key to uplifting our society. It’s the only practical way to get rid of all the social taboos, stigmas, and evils that are haunting our society even in this 21st century.

It may sound unfiltered, but the truth is that nobody is born evil or ignorant; our society has the biggest part to play in shaping up the future of a child.

Only a well-educated child will be able to bring positivity to society, contribute to the economy of a nation, or even guide others towards living an enlightened life.

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Is Early Childhood Care and Education Really That Big of a Deal?

Why Early Childhood Education is Important?

Let’s address that query of yours by putting forth an inspirational example.

If you’re not living under a rock, you must have come across the name “Elon Musk” during these recent months. Yes, the same Paypal guy who now manufactures electric cars and rockets for NASA!

This globally renowned entrepreneur-cum-innovator didn’t feel like sending his children to ordinary schools in the US, because he believes the schools aren’t up-to-date with what children should be learning right now.

So, he co-founded a special school namely Ad Astra in his SpaceX factory so that his kids and the kids of other employees at SpaceX can have the right education for the current times.

Yes, preschool education and early childhood education plays a key role in determining how prosperous the future of our society is going to be.

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#1 Educate the Parents First, then Children!

Unless and until the parents of a child brace themselves up with enough knowledge and awareness regarding how preschool education is to be imparted on their kid, the work is only halfway done.

The need of an hour is to make parents aware of the standard curriculum that needs to be followed during the crucial upbringing of their child.

It’s the only way to ensure that the rest of early childhood education kicks off with a bang once you’re sending your children to school.

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#2 Develop Innovative Incubation Cells for Early Childhood Education

For the maximum mental development of children, safe, supportive, and interactive learning environments must be created so that children develop those much needed critical thinking skills.

Rather than plainly educating children, the need is to provide an innovative, thought-provoking atmosphere wherein early childhood education is capable of flourishing.

In fact, at home, the parents while providing preschool education to their children should follow the same pattern.

A healthy, supportive, and enlightening bond needs to be developed between the educators and the education seekers.

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#3 Most Crucial in Providing Early Childhood Care and Education is Human to Human Touch

When your able self is delivering information to children, don’t just focus on delivering information. In fact, we’re flooded with information!

The need is to teach a pupil holistically, think of a child as a human being and not some data collection center.

If education was just an information delivering system, the internet can do a better job at that.

Whether we’re talking preschool or early childhood education, the focus should be on the overall development of children, encompassing their social, mental, emotional, physical, and academic spheres of life.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

In conclusion, we can say that education and society are interdependent. It’s impossible to build an ideal society without a firm education system, and it’s also impossible to regulate an education system without a compatible society.

In that imparting a genuine, dynamic, and supportive early preschool / early childhood education is most important.

It’s because you can mold a clay pot to attain any shape while in making, but the same is not true after the process has been completed.

After attaining adolescence, the same kids start to develop their imaginary worlds wherein they thrive, and it’s the responsibility of society as a whole to make sure that their world is beautiful.



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