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5 Ways Educating and Empowering Women Reduces Poverty in India

“It is the women who are the leaders in change and without their participation poverty can never be removed.”


5 Ways Educating and Empowering Women Reduces Poverty in India
“It is the women who are the leaders in change and without their participation poverty can never be removed.” ― Ela Bhatt


Women can shine in multiple ways! It is untrue that a homemaker does not contribute to the economy of the country. Interestingly, women are wired to handle everything with precision and care.

Could a man handle the homefront and also go to work? Perhaps this is not the right space to debate about how women are superior to men, but it is true when they say the world cannot run without the female species.

Educating and empowering women is crucial and this is not just relevant in India, but all over the world.

Gender inequality has been a topic of discussion for many decades, and we have often come across news channels and women portals talking about it.

Are we doing anything to bring a change? Sure, women are getting educated and the government is endorsing the idea of educating your girl child.

When we look at empowering women quotes, it makes us believe that a woman has the power to change the fate of the country’s economy and reputation.

The question is – Why is it relevant? This is an in-depth article that discusses the 5 ways educating and empowering women reduces poverty in India.

Keep reading to find out more regarding this relevant subject.

1. Improving the Overall Health of Mothers and their Babies

Most of the women in our country are married off at an early age. 18 is not exactly the age to marry and bear a child. Your body is not ready for that kind of a responsibility.

Also, parents stop a girl’s education after schooling. The thought process is the following – What will she do getting a college degree? It is followed by this thought – If the girl goes to college, she will run off with a boy or get spoiled.

We live in a country where technology is advanced but people have still got conventional notions and thought processes.

Most of the young girls get early pregnancy due to lack of education. When a woman is educated, she is aware of sexual reproductivity. She also knows that there is a thing called, ‘contraceptives.’

Education can help these young girls to think straight and not take the plunge of making a baby at an early age.

You might wonder – How is this related to poverty?

Well, if the young girl dies due to pregnancy, she will leave a child behind. If there is nobody to look after this child, they will end up in an orphanage or on the roads. This will give rise to poverty as most children are abandoned on the road.

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2. An Increase in Wages

When a woman knows her worth, she reaches for the stars.

Education can make you aware of the opportunities available for you. You will not settle for less and look for better opportunities to earn.

An additional year in school or perhaps a college degree can make your girl capable of achieving her dream role or job. When the girl child is educated, she can become whoever she wants.

She could be the next Kalpana Chawla or the next President of India.

Empowering women ensures that every female starts thinking that she can also be a leader, a healthcare provider, a scientist, or even an artist.

3. A Woman can Dare to Dream

‘Dare to dream’ is the wrong way to put it. A woman has the RIGHT to dream.

Ela Bhatt says that women are leaders in change and without their participation, the country will never come out of poverty. It is one of the most inspiring empowering women quotes out there.

If women are educated, they will not settle for less and start dreaming of achieving bigger goals. Lack of education and no access to education can stop them from reaching for the stars.

If a woman starts dreaming, she can achieve anything she desires. She could be the biggest contributor to the Indian economy. She could be the pride of our country.

Let’s take the example of Priyanka Chopra Jonas. She started from scratch and now is an International star.

Kalpana Chawla lost her life, but she made the whole world see that Indian women can reach outer space.

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4. No More Generational Poverty

Poor parents tend to pass poverty to another generation. However, there are some parents who regardless of their income educate their children.

We hear stories about auto driver’s daughters clearing IES. There have been several ads too that endorse this idea of educating a young woman.

Just because you are not financially capable of giving education to your girl child does not mean it is impossible. Educating women will ensure that the next generation is educated too. The chain of generational poverty will decrease or end.

5. Giving Back to Your Community

If a woman is from a poor community, she can get educated and give back to her community. Once she is educated, she can work towards the betterment of her community.

This can be possible if the woman holds a leadership role. She can educate others, improve the livelihood of those living in her community, and get better job opportunities for the people.

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Empowering Women Can Help Strengthen the Indian Economy

Educating a woman can have several perks, and these five pointers are just a gist of what women empowerment can do.

Empowering women in this male-dominated world is important because the planet is not run by men.

Women are strong, vivacious, inherently talented, and amazing in many ways. Educate them and see how they change the fate of the nation!



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