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Education and Good Health are Essence of Life and Sports Boost them Further


“Apart from education, you need good health, and for that, you need to play sports.” ― Kapil Dev


We all are aware of the importance of education in life. So everyone makes their best effort to achieve higher degrees from the very beginning of their childhood. It is the only tool to remove darkness of our heart and mind and make remarkable progress. At the same time, always remember your good health was behind your every achievement.

Without health, all the achievements and happiness are worthless. Maintaining good health is equally important too. For that never forget to enjoy sports and derive positive energy.


Kapil Dev, the Indian cricketing legend rightly said “Apart from education, you need good health, and for that, you need to play sports.” Taking a look around yourself into the society will make you realize that there are many bigger health related issues faced by the population today only because of idleness and inactive lifestyles. And obesity is one of its main crucial result inviting life threatening diseases among people.

We are all concerned with good education for our betterment, however, we neglect the fact that sports too essential for physical health and fitness and further development. In fact, body too requires to be maintained and trained well is being neglected.

Get used to Playing Your Favourite Sport

Sports are defined as activities which include physical activities and skill. The skill factor comes along naturally with practice, so there is no need to worry if you think you do not have the required skill for it. The physical activity part is what helps you in improving your health.

Once you become involved in sports, you start to stretch and move your body in ways of exercising your body. These physical activities that develop along with sports help in keeping you fit by reducing those extra flab of fats. To say precisely, it keeps you healthy and improves your immune system.

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Positive Influence of Sports in Health

Sports always energise your body and mind with full of spirit and positive thoughts. YES! Of course sports are good for your health. If you are the kind of person who do not like gymnasiums much and do not take part in activities, picking up a sport is one of the easiest methods to stay healthy.

The best part of playing a sport is that you get so interested in the competitiveness and fun of the sport that you forget you are also providing exercise for your body. The exercise in return keeps your body healthy. Playing a sport is a win win situation as it keeps you engaged, thus providing you with a great hobby or a time pass. At the same time, it makes sure your health is always at check.

Plus Points of Sport

You will realize that most of sportsmen are still fit even when they have aged pretty much. Getting older is just a number for them. People who actively take part in sports are less prone to diseases as compared to those people who never did.

Being involved in physical activity regularly helps you staying more active and engaged. If you do not play any sport yet, you may think that it is better to stay simply at the comfort of your living room. But your mindset will change once you pick up favourite sport and start becoming more active.

It will help in improving your physical health, boost your confidence and also helps in creating a bigger social circle. You get an opportunity to meet a lot of new people while enjoying yourself, indulging in sport.


Sport is one the best activity to stay healthy and focused in life. We would suggest each one of you to choose your favourite sport and start practicing. You may not be good at the beginning but regular practice will definitely make you and your life better.


Written By: Govind Gopinath


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