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Education is the Answer to Everything

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”


Education is the Answer to Everything
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” ― John Dewey


Education is a word which eludes definition. Many Educationalists, Philosophers, Thinkers, and Authors have defined the term to the best of their understanding.

Education in simple terms can be defined as a lifetime process with no real beginning or ending.

Education is a mixture of Environment, Socialisation, Experience, and Communication. All geniuses are a result of experience.

Education begins long before you enter the classrooms and extends long beyond you have left.

The Importance of Education

Education ensures our survival in the world. It is a learning process which continues throughout our life. Education is not a process to meet the end, as there is no end to learning.

Education is necessary for all-round development of socio-economic, political, and religious state of society. It helps a human to develop to his full potential. Lack of it can hinder the process of self-growth and development.

Education is a journey which begins in our mother’s womb and continues till the end of life. Every moment we learn something new.

Education is not a process to prepare for life, it is life itself. Life and education are so interconnected that these two are almost synonymous of one another.

Education initiates with the development of mind. Therefore, John Dewey famously quoted, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

A man continually learns from his experiences. Every challenge that he faces teaches him something valuable about himself and his surroundings.

Education is for the illumination of the mind. It helps in the liberation of the soul and enhances the human experience on earth. An educated person is morally righteous and leads a life with a clear conscious.

True education prepares you to understand your purpose in life. Understanding the meaning of life helps in the ideological, spiritual and moral progress of the humanity.

It assists you in figuring out your place in society and the world and assuming the roles and responsibilities accordingly. It helps you to understand how the universe works and the related facts.

Education can help you in preparing to participate in the community and other fields in life. It helps you feel interconnected and be part of the wider community of humanity.

Education is an important aspect of life which helps you to live as a human in true sense.

Education can improve your Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills and Listening Skills.

Education can help in resolving conflicts and put an end to the dark night. It is the ray of light that guides humanity in the darkness of ignorance.

A logical person is better equipped for dealing with other individuals and problems.

Achievements of Education

Education carved a way for modern man to evolve from the dark ages. Mass education put an end to tyranny. It is the reason why modern humans exist more liberal life.

Education throughout the ages has pulled us out of the dark eras of ignorance and produced a vibrant society with all its richness and vigour.

Education is the solution to all our present problem and future problems. It also had successfully solved our past problems.

Education can help achieve peace in the world. It is the only weapon to fight against uncertainty, religious zealots, fanaticism, superstitions, and inequality.

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We cannot alienate education from life. They are inseparable entities. Education can help you achieve true fulfilment in life.

It can help you be the man you always wanted to be. It will prepare your Heart, Soul, and Mind for life which can change the whole structure of your human life.

Education is crucial to combat poverty and promote a more egalitarian society. True equality can be achieved if more of the world population gets a quality education.

Society will benefit from the rise of educated individuals. Measurable change can only be achieved with education.


Written By: Sampurna Dutta



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