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Empowerment is a Two Way Process: Empowering Self and to Others


Life is fair. If you have been told otherwise, you have been given a wrong impression about it. It is easier to be negative than affirmative. But if you can overcome this human nature and work towards being as positive as it gets, then you are in for a treat.

Today we talk about empowerment, liberation and freedom. These synonymous/interchangeable words speak a lot about our state of mind.

Being free, liberated or empowered is a luxury that  many of us are denied. In order to be gifted this power you must empower others with the same.

Empowerment is a Two Way Process: Empowering Self and to Others
“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.” ― Abraham Lincoln

Find out how you can empower people around you and see your own freedom grow:

Give as much of something as You want to Receive

If you lack love, respect or anything else in your life and want to receive huge amounts of it, give the same out to the universe. That circulates the love and respect within you, in this world. Direct it towards people who are also in need of it.

Trust me, it multiplies and comes back to you. Number one, you feel amazing loving another person and number two, you receive so much more of it. Win-win!

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Shower someone with Genuine Compliments

This can be applied to one or many people. Tell someone how much their work, nature or attitude means to you.

When you boost someone’s confidence by complimenting them and if these are people in dire need of this pep talk, the person’s blessings will count in increasing your wellness.

It is a simple equation of the universe, Make happy = Be happy.

Give People the Freedom to Be Themselves

Empower a human being by freeing them from all kinds of constraints. Let them live a life they choose, let them face the consequences of their actions and let them feel as liberated as possible. This makes them independent and confident about their actions.

Listen to Other People’s Point of View

It is a beautiful exercise to sit with a person who feels heavy in their heart. Listen to their troubles and understand how they think.

It is fabulous to know a new person and love them so much that they become a better person because of you.

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Teach a Class or People who need Empowerment

Educating someone is the best way to help them. If you have a lesson to share, please do. The more you share your knowledge with the world, the more space you create in your life for better and more knowledge to enter.

Volunteer, join charitable causes, donate and be a part of a change that can transform lives. Remember what you give comes back in double.

Make People Smile

You are capable of making another person happy. How cool is that? Can you feel how powerful you are as a human being?

You can make the person believe in themselves just by knitting words of encouragement together. Make people smile as often as you can just because you can!

Help Someone who is in Trouble

Take the first step towards making someone else’s life easier. Step in, listen to their problem and give them a helping hand. Treat it as your own trouble and bring out a solution for him or her.


It is extremely important to feel liberated in every moment of life. Find ways to make yourself feel empowered and along the way, make another person feel the same way.

Karma returns to you in higher amounts which will make you feel highly grateful for the help you have extended. It is simple, empower in order to get empowerment.

Life is a vicious cycle and it all gets back to you.


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta



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