The Endurance of Uncertainties in Life – The Art of Existing

“Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense.”


Since childhood, we all have listened to our grandparent’s stories of pain, hardship, courage and endurance and whatnot, haven’t we?

We have all read stories, highlighting all the big plight of courage that helped the protagonist to endure the heaps of hardship, to reach where he is supposed to.

And to be very honest, all the childhood stories and tales hooked us up like moths to a flame because it had this fancy tale of the protagonist being poor and a member of the ‘have-nots’ and how he conquers all the hardships, climb the stairs of success and live happily ever after, isn’t it?

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All these childhood fairy tales live in our hearts forever, even when we are an adult and go through different versions of these hardships in reality. And because of these fairy tales, we still believe that ‘all shall and must end well’. But no one really talks of how do we do it.

How do we endure the hardships? Or how do we endure hardships that lead to suspense?

The courage to endure hardships – let’s discuss, shall we?

The Path of Breaking Through Hardships – Courage or Endurance?

The Endurance of Uncertainties in Life – The Art of Existing
“Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense.” ― Mignon McLaughlin


The abovementioned quote might seem confusing for a lot of people, but it speaks of the ultimate truth of our life. Hardships always come in our ways and the endurance of uncertainties are the way of life.

From the first day of school to the last minute before our death – hardships translate life into what it is. But does the meaning of bravery lie in the endurance of hardships? Or it means more than that?

Hardships are inevitable and the people who had the courage to endure hardships are some of the strongest people on the face of the earth. But only endurance can make the hardships persistent in your life. If you want to break through it or gain the courage to endure hardships, you need a lot more than that.

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The Certainty and Uncertainty of Life

Just like hardships, uncertainties and suspense of the future is something you cannot ever get rid of while being alive.

Now tell me, wouldn’t it be easier for you if you have been assured of the fact that you would need to have courage to endure hardships only for a certain period and you would reach your goal?

Like we reassure ourselves with the phrase that ‘all shall and must end well’ and preserve the courage to endure the hardships without question.

It is like running towards a mirage. We don’t know for certain whether the result is there or not, but we are running towards it without question and all our courage to endure hardships stems from a particular certainty or certain assurance.

Thus, it translates into the words of McLaughlin that “Even Cowards can endure hardship”.

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The Endurance of Uncertainties in Life

There lies no bravery in re-writing a mathematical problem that is already been solved, is there? If you know what lies at the end of your path and you endure all the worldly hardships to get at it, where’s the courage?

Anyone can easily agree to endure momentary hardships to get a permanent result. There is not the courage to endure hardships if you are certain of your destiny, if you are certain what is waiting for you at the end line.

However, life does not work that way. There is no certainty. You cannot expect a predictable route to reach the endpoint of your life. And when uncertainty along with suspense comes into play, the actual character of people breaks out on the basis of whether they have the courage to endure hardships or not.

If you are a coward, you will quit at the starting line of the race once you are unable to see the end line. It only takes a brave heart and huge courage to race even after you cannot possibly fathom what is waiting for you at the end line.

If you are brave, you dream and you make the situation works in your way and you build the endurance of the uncertainties and give the uncertainties a figure.

The endurance of the uncertainties in life or rather, the suspense of life – is what defines true bravery.


To have the courage to endure hardships and uncertainties of life only means to live in the reality and not give in to any delusional dream world.

Uncertainties or suspense of the future is the ultimate way of life and the more uncertainties you embrace, the braver you become!



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