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Enjoy Greater Joy and Fulfillment in Human Service – A Higher Purpose, A Higher Religion, A Higher Calling

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Enjoy Greater Joy and Fulfillment in Human Service – A Higher Purpose, A Higher Religion, A Higher Calling
“There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.” ― Woodrow Wilson


I love what religion teaches. Through religion, we have learned about being good to each other, treating each other right and sharing in their suffering. Religion has formed a very powerful foundation for humanity. Through it, people have understood what is expected of them regarding their actions, their speech, and so on.

I have always put to practice what religion taught me. I have always treated people right; with love and kindness. In all that I did, I learned something, human service is better and working for a common good was very fulfilling.

Human Service is Contagious

Human service is better, and everyone needs to tap into the joy that comes with human service. There is a famous saying that says you should do unto others what you want them to do to you. A greater part of this is human service. Whatever you do in this world is what will be done unto you.

Once you set your mind to make human service a higher purpose for your life, everyone will be caught in your web of doing good, and they will reciprocate it and even do good unto others. From simple acts of human service, you will have created a ripple effect, and everyone else will follow the trend.

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There is Joy when You Make it about the Other Person

Acts of human service will always satisfy you. It will make you feel fulfilled, and when you make human service a higher purpose for your life, your joy will always be complete. When you work for a common good, you are attaching yourself to a higher level of humanity, life, and religion.

Woodrow said,

“There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.” 
Woodrow Wilson

There are various religions, but when you choose to serve humanity, then you are subscribed to a greater religion. You have become a source or life, hope, strength, kindness, and inspiration to the world.

Always Work for a Common Good

Everyone knows good and bad. As people work for a common good, you should strive to be of value to their course. Work for a common good with other people and prove your worth to humanity. Whether you are alone or with a group, you can always force field made up of good acts of human service.

Your reward will be great for you will enjoy all the benefits that come with doing good unto others. When your drive for doing human service is not to gain worldly recognition, then you know you have subscribed to a greater religion.

Do Not be the Problem but the Problem Solver

As you offer human service, always ensure that you always offer solutions at all times. Sometimes it is true to say that if one is not contributing to solving the problem; they are contributing to causing the problem. But you are different; you are the problem solver.

Therefore, at all times, ensure that you do not stand on the accused side of causing a problem. Walk right and talk right to people. You will be walking in a higher religion of human service.


Human service brings blessings in your life. Every time you engage in human service you are planting seeds or goodness and kindness in their lives. As they go away, these seeds grow in them and produce works that are geared towards a common good. Soon enough, everyone will be reading from the same script you are reading and the world will be a better place.



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