Epic Formula To Win The Game When You Are About To Lose


Epic Formula To Win The Game When You Are About To Lose
“Champions keep playing until they get it right.” ― Billie Jean King


“Will you quit? Shall I quit or not? I will quit or I can’t quit.”

These are common questions and answers heard when anyone fails to accomplish their tasks with effective results. Are you one among them?

Billie Jean King says that “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” It encourages us to play until we WIN.

Don’t Quit!

Champions never quit without trying things. They always stick to their aim and have the willing to accomplish it whatever the situation might be. Sometimes things might be tougher and difficult to complete. However, things can be accomplished with proper researches and practically analysis.

Look every things in positive ways, work sincerely and try to improve the techniques and working abilities. Keep moving forward and also lead your team. Create an atmosphere of trust and guidance within your team for end success.

Keep going with full spirit and conquer all obstacles while converting all the negative odds to evens with energy and positive things. When you do this, it’s damn sure that you will reap best results.

Keep playing until you reach your destination and achieve your goal. Many fail to stay cool when a problem arises, they outburst in spirit and loses control over the problem.

If you have seen any uneven, then show patience. With perseverance, you can change the whole game. It is why Indian Cricket Team Captain “Mahendra Singh Dhoni is called cool captain because of this patience and dealing the situation with calm heart and mind”. Be determined till you finish the race and touch the line.

Show Strong Persistence

Persistence pays you rewards. With strong determination, you can confront the situation persistently. Determine to play till the end and until you turn down the hill. Remember if you can endure long enough, then you will have a large door opened for you.

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Play without any Letup

Try again and again till you reach, when everyone calls for give up, you never do it. One of the common and costliest mistakes is leaving our success without trying harder. Never think that success is of ‘Big Man Show.’

Take time to rethink, hold on and put your efforts consistently. Even if you face any failure just let it be, don’t give a shaking hand. Make determination to win, put up all your strength without any compromising.

Failure is always proportionate to success, so don’t bother about losing. Meditate about your team and your personal strength give an intense fight to the opponent. Just little more effort and patience is needed; Never lose hope.

Remember what Winston Churchill said, “Even if you’re going through hell do not stop, move forward”.

Try to put all strength and fight until your last breath. Even if you are not on the right track , and if you fall, stand up, even if you are broken into 100 pieces, never hesitate to pick that one piece to face an opponent. Never, Ever give up!

Be Determined to WIN

With strong determination, you can hold and sustain in the game till the end. Have firm conviction. Discouragement is such an internal feeling which will quickly kill all your strength and destroy the beauty of the game before you enter into the ground.

So never let discouragement to down your abilities and make you away from success. Think smart it’s the same strength both of you are having, but maybe you are missing to find the ONE SMART WAY to win the game.


Success is just like an inch away hanging grapes of the vineyard. Be determined to smile even in great troubles. Stay courageous. Don’t let the circumstances shrink your willpower, stand firm. Be determined like a champion, keep playing till you grab, and hold the win!


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha



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