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Ethics Makes A Perfect Human Being


Ethics Makes A Perfect Human Being
“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” ― Norman Cousins


The value of our lives depends not on numbers of years we live, but on the ethics, we maintain throughout our life. The moral values play a significant role to decide what to do and what to avoid.

So, from that point of view ethics are the specific character traits of a great human being.

The moment we born on earth, the time, venue and date of our death fixed on that moment. Every living thing would die in a normal course, that is a great loss to his/her family and friends.

But if a man lost his sense of moral values, in his lifetime, that loss is equal to death. The death of humanity in a person, while the person is alive. That’s the real end.

Is Death a Loss in True Sense?

YES! Death causes loss. We could be able to see the dead person bodily as after death, there are no chances of appearing physically. So it’s a loss in one sense.

Though we are living in a technologically advanced society, there is no such invention of science that can postpone death. Death is unavoidable. It’s true, how hard it is we have to say goodbye to our near and dear ones.

Physical death causes absence of our beloved ones bodily, but what exactly happen when people die from inside? It’s rather more painful when such things occur with anyone.

Apart from this, the death of our enthusiasm towards life, the desire of hope to live a life full of enjoyment and happiness and sorrow side by side, is the real death.

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What is Moral Death?

We teach moral values and ethics to our kids so that they could apply them in their life.

A life without ethics is like a boat without a sailor.

Our moral values show us the right path when we get confused – whether it’s wrong or right. Which one to choose?

Our mind constantly is driven by our ethics. But not all of us follow our mind truly.

Those people who only think of ownself and never bother for the well-being of the society and others, die inside. No one remembers them after their death.

On the other hand, we sincerely remember those who have done at least one good work for others as people are always remembered by their great deeds, not by years they lived.

What is the Death of the Soul?

To live your life with your full existence, enjoying every moment of it despite tough situation is a life which is worth living.

There are so many people around us, who are fighting each day to earn his daily living, giving hard labour, but still, they are happy. The hardness of life could not snatch away the joy in their life.

On the other hand, some so-called rich people are depressed and frustrated. They have lost the desire to live. Physically they are alive, but their mind has died long before.

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How to Live Your Life with Full Enthusiasm as well as with Your Ethics

Man is the architect of his own fate. From the very beginning of his career, he has to decide how to live his life.

As our life has a boundary of certain rules and duties, we may feel monotonous. But it’s the positiveness of attitude who can find out the joy in every small daily work.

As an example, take a homemaker or a traffic police. They are doing the same duty over the years with the same spirit and energy.

It is not a journey to face with a serious mood every time. We can survive even after our death if we live the present life with a smile.


Lastly! There is no contradiction between being ethical and being happy and cheerful. All depends on how we control them.

We can lead a cheerful, happy life with the application of our ethics and morality whenever needed. That’s the real living style.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya



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