Every Scroll Across Nature Is A Mesmerizing Experience Worth Cherishing


Every Scroll Across Nature Is A Mesmerizing Experience Worth Cherishing
“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” ― Vincent Van Gogh


Live in the vicinity of nature; it will never fail you. You will never have to search for an inspiration in life the day you surrender your soul to the beauty of nature.

Once the glasses of nature cover your eyes, everything around will begin to mesmerize you; from the teeny tiny little earthworms and how they benefit us without even realizing it, to the gigantic sun shining brightly all alone for us, day in and day out.

Looking at the Moon and the subtle beauty that it represents, it always makes me think of the partnership it has with the sun; so that one is always left wondering about their coexistence.

The Beauty of the Art of Partnership

To most of us the moon seems dependent on the sun to work, but when you see it from my eyes, the eyes of a human madly and deeply in love with nature and the ways of mesmerizing the human race, you’ll see that the moon just takes the opportunity that comes its way and shines to make a mark on the world.

The sun will shine without a choice no matter what, but the moon finds its way to shine because it wants to, and in the process very humbly acknowledges the sun for its existence and its powers, powers that are so calm, soothing, divine and strong in the sense that they leave a mark on the soul of the observer.

The evidence is the feeling of love, passion and romance people usually feel when they lie under the stars and the moon shining above them.

Alfred Lord Tennyson had once said,

“Nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within.”

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What is the Partnership that Helps to Coexist Beautifully?

In my opinion, such partnerships beautifully coexist all around us. Let’s take the example of a tree.

A tree stands tall in pride as it has so much to give, not only to us humans but also to the entire ecosystem that surrounds it.

A tree provides shelter and oxygen to humans and animals around and also home to a lot of animals; but on the flipside, would a tree be complete without the homes of those small birds nesting in the branches and seeking its shelter?

Aren’t these little nests and the experiences of the baby bird’s first flight adding to the beauty of the tree?

Yes! It’s the family that makes a home out of a house and how beautifully they coexist helping each other to complete themselves.

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What is it that Completes Life?

With this kind of self-awareness and appreciation of nature around you, life becomes more meaningful and complete.

Albert Einstein has quoted that,

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.”


When the struggle of daily life tires you out and makes you feel incapable and spent, you can find solace in the arms of nature and let it relax you like nothing else does.

The sounds of the rustling leaves and the hymns of the chanting birds are the tunes on which you dance and find your inner voice, your inner self. The material vices begin to seem unimportant.

Money, fame, and success are very important and essential for one’s survival in the big bad world.

But it is the beauty of this nature around us that makes this big bad world worth living in and living for.


Written By: Somdutta Das



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