Evil Lurks Nearby When You Treat People As Things



“Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” ― Terry Pratchett


One of the most ubiquitous evil of the modern age is the passion and sense of possession that people have for material possessions. This leads to a situation when people start valuing material thing more. Consequently, they begin valuing people less. The worst comes when people are treated as things. You may have seen it often around you. Old parents, who have retired and are totally dependent on their children, are taken for granted. Same thing often happens with the typical housewives. They are treated just as things which provide services, whether it is food or taking care of the house. This is not confined just within the family. People begin treating their friends and relatives in the same way. Using people as things is exploiting them and degrading them from being humans.

The Vicious Cycle of Treating People as Things

The real evil begins in adult life, especially in work life. People start treating their subordinates in offices as things. They use people without the slightest trace of empathy or sensitivity. What happens to those who are victimized? Either they suffer silently and in turn treat others as things. The garbage that gets thrown over them is again and again thrown to others. This creates a vicious cycle.  This needs to be avoided. What most people need to learn is how to love people and use things, instead of using people and loving things.

Things do not Love Back, People Do

When you start loving things, remember that it is your own feeling of love that you are experiencing. However, most people who love things do not realize this simple truth. They do not realize that when they love things, they are being narcissist; loving their own possessions. These inanimate non-living things can not love back anyone. The things do not have any feelings to convey. It is the living things that can reciprocate your feelings. So, as a matter of common sense, it stands to reason that we should love people rather than object or things. Being passionate about things like mobile phones, car and bikes; which can be bought with money, has little value. Being passionate about people makes the life of those whom we love, valuable. Loving people also enriches our own life.

It is good to like and have things around us, as these make our life more comfortable. But, it would be a big folly to start loving things and treating people as things. Things do not have emotions and feelings, but people do. When you hurt people, they may forgive you but they never forget their hurt. That is when evil starts.


Written By: Raj Kumar Hansdah


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