Experience Is The Best Teacher


Experience Is The Best Teacher
“Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.” ― Ernest Dimnet


Children are the tender future of our societies and this makes it highly vital to provide them with the necessary quality and quantity of education. It is the guidance and teachings that forge them to make their own stand and sustain in the competition of the world. But it’s not always the guidance from parents or teachers that directs them to the path of success, rather self-learning or experience is the best teacher.

They must develop the power of adaptation and self-control for which they have to be left alone and subsequently educate themselves from the instances that they face.

The Essence of the Education from Teachers and Parents

Early year education and lessons contain values and ethics that play a very important role in making them ideal for the society. These lessons include Sharing, Teamwork, Forgiving Others, Accepting Others and Being Polite.

As the children grow, the level of education increases and enables them to recognise the value of the activities they get involved in. Parents and teachers play a great role in a child’s education process. Children can be the great mirror in reflecting the ethics they are taught with.

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How Experience is the Best Teacher?

Not every knowledge can be given or fed to children with the help of teachings from parents or teachers. Some of the crucial education of life requires Patience, Betrayal, Hope and Willpower which the children should learn themselves in the due course of facing issues on their own for building a strong foundation of healthy learning and education.

A child’s nature towards his/her education can be completely known by the attitude and enthusiasm towards the topic. Self-education is a hit and trial process. The children cannot learn anything from a single moment or by a single instance of life. It’s the process where a child learns from failures.

A child might fail several times before rectifying himself and acquiring the specific knowledge. However, it is the duty of the mentors to induce patience in the children and let child utilise his presence of mind for his/her own betterment.

Self-education is like swimming where no matter how much effort the trainer gives, but it’s the effort of learner that ultimately makes them swim and this testifies how experience is the best teacher.

Every child has his range of strengths; it must be the care and not the force that educates them. Parents and teachers shouldn’t compare their child with other children.

A child can surely have his/her finest potential in one particular field which would be discovered by him/her only through self education and realisation, only if proper care is given. They will fail for sure, but they surely will learn on how to get up by themselves.


Letting children fight their problems on their own and allowing them to gather experience is a great thing since experience is the best teacher. But parents and teachers must know the potential of their children and when to lend their helping hand to them. It is the joint process of the child himself and the mentors that drive him towards success.



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