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Failure is Never Final to a Person Full of Determination

“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.”


Failure is Never Final to a Person Full of Determination
“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.” ― George Bernard Shaw


It is one of the most common follies to assume that success always comes first and success should be the only outcome of any endeavor.

If you look at it objectively, you will be amazed at why people should think that any accomplishment can come without any failures?

It is humanly impossible to ensure that every step in any achievement will always be successful and lead to ultimate success.

Determination to achieve success and the fortitude to withstand and learn can only ensure success in the long run.

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Learning from Trial and Error

We learn any new thing only by trial and error. We achieve any new success in life by learning from the errors. Failure is what leads us to the right way.

There is a wonderful story about the invention of light bulb.

The legendary inventor Thomas Edison was struggling to find the right material for the filament of the bulb. He used several different materials for it, but encountered failure every time.

He was filled with determination and so much full of fortitude that he never felt discouraged or disappointed.

Before he succeeded in successfully using tungsten as the filament material, he had said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

This is the essence of learning from failures, of never making the same mistake twice. This is how determination and fortitude work in tandem.

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The Road to Success is Paved with Failures

It is only true that to reach success we must travel through the road of failures.

Trials are the efforts we put in our endeavors and errors mean that the particular option should not be pursued. Errors point out that we must try other alternatives. It is as simple as that.

Yet most of us are afraid of even attempting any trial. They treat the word trial, not as an effort, but as used in judicial process where trial causes so much stress and strain even to the innocents.

However, if you have determination then you will stay undaunted by these adversities.

In real life, trial is just an act caused by our efforts, which will tell us if we are pursuing the right path. It is a great means of course correction mid-way.

If a trial results in error, it is not a failure as most people wrongly conclude. In fact, errors are not failures at all. Even if they may be called failures, they are helpful in pointing the way to success.

Ironically, not making any errors is also possible and for that all one has to do is, not to make any efforts! But, that is not why we are here for.

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If You Don’t Succeed at First; Try, Try Again

Everyone remembers the story of King Bruce from our childhood. The King who observed a spider falling and trying again and again in crawling up till it succeeds in making its web.

Remind yourself of this great story learnt when you were a child, and the moral, “If you do not succeed at first, try, try again!”

Always keep this spirit of determination close to your heart. This is a great lesson in life. Make it your motto and credo in life.

Fortitude is the strength of mind that enables a person to endure pain or adversity with courage. Determination is that quality that makes a person pursues his goal without letting go of it.

When we combine fortitude with determination, we have a winning mix where we keep on trying and trying again.

Every error and failure teaches us not to try that option again. That is what is meant by not making the same mistake again.

So now that you know that mistakes are just another way of learning, what is stopping you?

Go ahead; arm yourself with determination and fortitude as you keep pursuing your goal to success.



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