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Faith In Humanity Is The Only Religion For Everyone


Faith In Humanity Is The Only Religion For Everyone
“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


How do you define Humanity? You’d say a feeling of compassion for mankind. Yes, you are right.

The world is a strange place. We all know the difference between right and wrong. But still, we witness destruction every day. There are wars, unrest in every part of the world. People are living in fear amidst grave crisis. At the same time, we see people working towards uplifting backward sections of the society.

Why this difference? It all depends on our thinking. We always have options in life. We can either strive for the positive or we can dwell in negativity.

Once upon a time, a wise man was preaching a sermon. He said that there are two wolves inside our mind. One wolf represents positivity. It is good, loving and optimistic. The another wolf represents negativity. It is bad, full of hatred and pessimistic. A listener curiously asks which wolf is stronger and dominating. The wise man says the one you feed.

Amidst all the happenings around, you always know the good and the bad. There is a struggle in your mind and heart. You have to be courageous and take a step towards humanity.

When everyone contributes, faith in humanity is restored. When you will keep on working for the benefit of mankind, in the journey, you will inspire others as well. The choice is yours – you can feed the good wolf or the bad wolf.

The seeds of humanity are sown when you are a child. Though, it’s never too late to realize. I have seen people roaming in luxury cars and spending a fortune for nothing but, momentary pleasures in life. At the same time, I have seen people who had spent their life for the well being of the underprivileged.

The satisfaction of helping someone in need is something you cannot purchase with your wealth. The future is in the hands of our children. We have to inculcate teachings in our children so that they grow up with faith in humanity.

The world has seen enough wars and unrest. The implications of the World Wars are still prevalent and people are struggling hard to overcome it. Every day, shocking and disturbing pictures surface on the internet. But, you must realize this is just a few drops in the ocean. It doesn’t make the ocean dirty. That’s why; we should not lose faith in humanity.

Faith in Humanity is a Religion

Our religious texts, Gita, Quran, and Bible; preaches love and affection. It does not differentiate and treats everyone alike. Every person is equal in front of God.

When you serve a person, you serve the God. People spend their money in the abode of God. But, they hesitate in offering a meal to a poor person.

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Faith in Humanity is a Sense of Brotherhood

Mahatma Gandhi fought for the freedom of India. But, he was not alone. He had the whole nation supporting him.

Why did people from each stratum of society support Mahatma Gandhi?

This is because he never discriminated on the basis of caste, creed, and gender. For him, everyone was equal. He fought against the oppression of farmers, women, and the so-called backward class. That’s why; he is fondly regarded as Father of the Nation.

Faith in Humanity is a sense of brotherhood. It is a symbol of unity. Through your humane deeds, you build relations. Relations are not built on give and take relationship; but on trust, love, and loyalty.

Never lose faith in humanity. The world is a stage and we all are artists. Just perform with all your might and bring a smile on someone’s face.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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