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Fall In Love With Yourself First, Then With Others


Fall In Love With Yourself First, Then With Others
“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh


It’s such a vague adage to be yourself and love the way you are. This line is just not a line, this is true. You just need to accept yourself as you are because you are the creation of God. God makes his every child very, very special. You don’t need to carry artificial things to look beautiful, just be yourself, this is the true happiness.

Human wants to be perfect, but instead of perfection, you need reality. When you are real, you are perfect. Then you just don’t need anything.

When you tend to accept yourself the way you are, you will be freed from all the burdens of acceptance from others!

Be Yourself

Just love and accept the way you are, respect your own unique identity; feel blessed to have everything you want in your life. In fact, adopt the “attitude of gratitude” and love yourself. Because God has blessed us with all that what is necessary for living.

People often are not satisfied with what they are bestowed with, they try to ameliorate themselves by being influenced by people, and perfection can never give you satisfaction. But that’s wrong to be influenced by others or to assess you less from others.

Child Inside You

There are many factors involved in being yourself, try to get in touch with the child inside you. As every person has a child inside that let him/her follow the childish activities or let them be free like a child. Just as the little child doesn’t care about others, love to play and portray the way you want. Another factor is never ever unheed your intuition.

In life, you have to take wise verdict during any important chapter which at times is based on gut/intuition.

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Bid Goodbye to Unconscious Beliefs

Keep discovering the best-folded sides of you and never try to suppress your intuition. One more important factor is to become aware of your thoughts. Start every day with thinking of your negative points and pledge to remove one on each day.

It’s very important to be always positive or to have positive thoughts. Thoughts are the life process, they keep flowing in your mind, and the thing you have to take care is never ever followed those negative thoughts in your mind.

Be Mindful

Make up your mind that you are perfect, and you just need to perform well. Not for others, but for yourself. Gain the knowledge from everyone, use it in your own way. Be mindful. Judgment is important; through it you observe things better. Take it positively.

Boost Yourself

“I can do it”- Nothing is impossible. The word impossible, says itself that I M Possible. You just need to change your mind setup. Perfection is not necessary. Difficult situation knock in our life to make us much stronger than ever. Just be yourself and let people like you the real beautiful you.

Admire the Way You Are

Don’t try to change yourself to impress others because those who really take care of you, they accept you the way you are, with your vices, with your virtues and don’t find perfection, they just accept you for ‘You’.

If you want people to understand you, if you want people like the ‘you’ inside you, then firstly you should accept yourself, accept your virtues and try to overcome all.

Being successful in letting people like the real side of you, you have to accept yourself with firmness. Just be real, just be you, and people will definitely love your straight forwardness.


Follow your bliss; let go the deformities and so what you love to do will connect with your true nature. It will allow your real self to shine and to be acceptable. Perfection can’t give you the bliss; it’s the satisfaction that gives you a way.

Just Understand that Loving Yourself simply means to be good and not to be perfect!



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Hetal Kabra
Hetal Kabra
Staying positive is what makes you feel good. When such positiveness can be enthralled via Writings, you can inspire many people. I believe in spreading happiness and positivity and this is why through this platform I am able to share my thoughts and views to the readers.

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