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Fight For Your Freedom Till Death

“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.”


Fight For Your Freedom Till Death
“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.” ― Bob Marley


Life is a wonderful gift and you are lucky to have been presented with it. But are you grateful for your life? Do you feel thankful for each breath you inhale? Do you smile every time you realize you have limitless freedom to do and be whatever you wish? I bet not.

It is the saddest part of life that we don’t value the breaths we take for we take our life for granted. We act like we all are promised a tomorrow. But are we really? How can you guarantee we will wake up tomorrow, healthy and happy?

For that reason we must count each second as a gift uniquely wrapped for us to use and have fun. You are a free-thinking soul and this world is your canvas to paint on!

Learn how to experience freedom and soar high:

Don’t be Stuck

Don’t let life pass by. Don’t be stuck to a certain incident or thing and see the days of your life pass you by. Those days won’t return.

You can instead focus and make good use of the time. Let life surprise you. Let go of things that have happened in the past, be it however embarrassing.

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Fight for Your Rights

It is your innate right to be seen for the person you are. Do not hide behind the curtains of society trying to mould yourself into something people would like.

You are your own person, if there is anyone at all that you need to please or make happy, it is yourself. Be courageous enough to stand up for yourself and let the world know you are not directed by their principles, you make your own.

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Do Not be a Prisoner of Society or Fate

You are a strong entity. Do not give in to the meaningless rules of society. Do not let your fate be sealed by people or things that do not matter to you. Break free from the need of conforming to everything possible.

Lead a Life of Meaning

If you live a meaningful life which is relevant to you and that brings you happiness, you have succeeded in unlocking your life mantra. Just go for whatever gives your heart tremendous joy.

Growing up, being adults we tend to suppress these tiny things that make us happy. We preach ourselves that they are bad for our evolution and as an adult one should be less giggly, happy and reckless. Be all of them!

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Give Yourself a Break and Enjoy Freedom

You deserve it. You fight everyday to lead a life of value. You deserve to cut yourself some slack. Enjoy a cupcake, dance to some music and laugh louder than society allows you to.

In short, be happy. Do not lead the scheduled life which promises you a whole lot of benefits.

Break your categorical lifestyle and jazz it up a bit. You have the freedom to be yourself.

Voice Your Opinion and Concerns Like a Boss

Do not let anyone tell you how to behave. Especially if you are a girl, a lot of people expect you to stay zipped and not speak about every other issue. In doing so you become the opinionated woman (as if it’s a bad thing!).

We need people who can raise their voices and be honest without the fear of crossing societal boundaries. Be that voice, be proud that you can and you are.

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You are free and wild like a child who knows not his limits. For him the sky is where he can end. Be this child, have a curious heart and a pleasant soul.

Be as amazing as you were created to be. Enjoy your freedom as you are entitled to it and you deserve to have an amazing life.


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta



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