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Fighting Out The Woes Of Dishonesty Through Good Education


Fighting Out The Woes Of Dishonesty Through Good Education
“The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in good education.” ― Plutarch


Honesty is one of the most cherished habits one can have. An honest behavior helps in building up of one’s confidence and this can, in turn, help the person to near his dream. However, an honest attitude results out of education.

Knowing the effects and pros of being honest would definitely lead a person to adopt the same in his day to day life. Knowledge yields conscience and conscience instigates a person, to be honest.

A good education helps in the inculcation of the values of honesty in the veins of the person right from the grass root level. Being able to determine the difference between what is wrong and what is right obviously helps a person in achieving success by being able to rectify his mistakes. This ability, however, results out of good education.

Good Education as the Primary Step of Honesty

Education is very similar to a luminance which fights out the darkness of lies and negativities. A good pedagogy enables a person to know things in the better way. It teaches people to know the essence of saying the truth and discarding the path of lies and deceit. The true values that one needs to have come as a result of education.

A person with enough knowledge about life and how to deal with all the events tends to do the things in a right way by adopting the principle of honesty rather than being dishonest in his approach. He deals with situations more confidently and succeeds in his attempts while a dishonest person terribly fails although he might face a temporary happiness.

Let the Power of Your Knowledge Brighten Up the Journey

Rather than choosing shortcuts by adopting wrong methods to gain success, one should prefer gaining knowledge. In the mean time of gaining knowledge, one will reach very close to success without having to toil much. The people who adopt faulty and dishonest methods generally tend to fail miserably in their paths rather than the people who are in the complete consciousness of their dreams and the work that they have to do in order to achieve the dream.

Approach every task with Complete Consciousness

A prior knowledge about the task one is going to undertake often prevents the person from adopting unfair means to achieve the target. Sticking to honesty in every work one undertakes ensures a cent percent success. This also helps the person to get well accustomed with the failures and thus, derives advantage out of them. Therefore, a person’s consciousness regarding the subject matter he is into greatly influences the path or approach he chooses in the context.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin

The time spent in gaining some knowledge is the best time one can ever spend in the lifetime. This time spent also bears the full potential of earning fruitful results in the future. One of the major results of the education that one receives is an honest attitude.

Abraham Lincoln: The Icon of Honesty

Right from the childhood, the very famous personality and also the 16th President of the United States was known for his principle of honesty. When he used to work as a clerk in a shop and any customer would forget to take the change, he would walk miles to return that extra money.

His belief in honesty widened as he acquired knowledge and started his legal practice. He was known to handle all his legal matters with full consciousness about the matter and believed that the truth shall always triumph.


It is better to achieve something late than to fail miserably in the path. An honest attitude backed up by a good education and consciousness is what it takes to achieve the same. One should venture out to achieve more and more knowledge, which shall enable him, to be honest in every step that he takes.

This justifies the saying:

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.”
― William Shakespeare



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