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Find Out How One Man, Binoop, Supplied Drinking Water To An Entire Village In Just 2 Days


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Can you imagine having insufficient water Every Day?

Water is steadily becoming the biggest problem faced by people in different parts of the world. We are all too familiar with fights over water supply and Rivers. In a precarious situation such as this, where people are ready to kill and be killed over water, the world and especially some parts of our country is in desperate need of better measures to ensure that fresh, clean drinking water is accessible to all, even in the remotest of areas.

Free water cannot be obtained unless somebody takes the initiative to supply drinking water to those in need during this scorching summer.


Binoop – The Bringer of Life in an Ambulance

This story is about Binoop, a resident of Nattakom town in Kerala. Binoop is the owner of an Ambulance unit as well as a Funeral Service. The dearth of drinking water in his surrounding area couldn’t miss his selfless heart and he took it upon himself to distribute water free of cost, that resulted in an entire town having enough water to bear the ongoing water crisis. Binoop supplied more than 20000 litres of water to the people in the 30th and 44th ward of Kottayam.

He is sure to have amassed a great number of blessings and wishes from the villagers who were previously struggling to adjust with the seven thousand litres of water supplied by the municipality every week. When asked, Binoop spoke about his noble work as follows, “I had decided to supply the water since the residents were suffering due to the acute shortage of drinking water. This is also a charity work which is beneficial to many people in the region.

In February 2017, the groundwater level in the Kottayam district reduced to less than 2 metres that of last year’s level. Since the 30th and 44th wards were disconnected from the municipality pipeline, the people were struggling to fulfil their water needs. Binoop turned out to be a saviour to the entire village by eliminating the water shortage in just under 2 days, by visiting over 60 houses.

Very few people will be willing to help the community by foregoing the price of a resource as precious as this, and by investing so much of time and energy, without expecting anything in return. What’s even more amazing is that Binoop plans to continue distributing water till the end of summer.

The entire village is in praise of Binoop’s efforts. The Councillor of ward 44, Sanal Thampy said that the residents of both the wards have been benefitting immensely from the supply of water for the past two days. When questioned about what motivated Binoop to act in such a caring manner towards his fellow villagers, he said that their needs inspired him to not think about his own profit/loss.

The supply of water was done in Binoop’s ambulance, quickly and effectively. On the 19th of April, the Abhaya Ambulance Service was transformed into a water distribution service. Binoop was seen going from house to house filling every single tank and pot that the residents could gather from their homes.

Selfless Social Service Results in a Better Society

One must feel truly divine to have an entire village indebted in gratitude to himself. This man, Binoop has performed a rare and extraordinary feat that is going to be one of the greatest tasks ever performed by him. Environmental damage and over population has seriously affected the accessibility of drinking water to every single individual.

In times like these, it is people like Binoop who will lead the way to fulfilling the inadequacy. Hopefully, he will continue performing such selfless service that is sure to bring great joy and fulfilment in his own life and in the lives of those around him.


Written By: Anju V. Nambiar


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