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Follow Your Own Path Of Success Getting Uninfluenced By Others


Follow Your Own Path Of Success Getting Uninfluenced By Others
“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi


Myths have always obliged to help man comprehend, or more precisely, come to terms with the world around him. You can accept that Myths have been assumed as everlasting, superior truths by the people since long time and sometimes it seems as if life has been controlled by such myths in one or the other way creating obstacles to your path of success.

Think how to unfold your own myths now and forever. Your myths of inspiration and passion can be an important tool to tackle life difficulties and create your own path towards success. You may be influenced by the story of others and how things have gone with them. It is important to outlook that and focus positively on how you can improve yourself to unfold your own story in the path of your success in best way.

It is important to discover your actual story. And remember, you will be able to create your story of success by your honest, hard and intelligent work. Just spare a moment to realize if the one you have been telling yourself senses true.

It suggests that you remember that your feeling body is crucial for discriminating that. Practise your body as a guide to perceive if your story resounds. As resonance sounds like flow when you replicate on your story, ask yourself that does your body crumple or sense open and peaceful?

Making Sense of it All

Myths make sense of that which may look mysterious to you. When you make your own to deal with the intricacies and mysteries of your path, you can better admit that creating your own journey is inevitable. It suggest that through myth, you are not indicating that track to success on your own effort does not exist. It is simply suggesting that it is an elucidation for the inexplicable.

You often do not feel the liberty or rule to create your own myths. Why? The reason being you think it as nothing but fantasies. Myths have constantly been much more than that. Making sense of unfolding your own myth is truth that is personal, instinctive, social, and grounded in faith.

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Influences of Other Stories on You

Getting influenced by stories of others is generally an unfair comparison to start with. It suggests that the corresponding consequence is that you will always come off bad if you gaze at somebody’s strengths including what they have acquired in their life.

You conclude up resenting others for doing fine, without truly knowing the true person. You can realize this if you’ve ever resented others upon first meeting them, and then later appreciated you got the immoral idea.

Focus on the Path of Your Journey

It is useless for you to focus on how you rank in comparison to others — as life is not a competition. It is all about your own journey to path of success. You should be dedicated on a journey, to discover something, to become something, to acquire, to create in your own way.

This is the journey that has nothing to do with how well others are doing, or what they possess. It is all related to with what you want to do, how you want to achieve something and where you want to go. It is necessary to stay focused and have goals to unfold your own myth. Those who realize their dreams are the ones that have strong goals. Write them down and make them perfect.

The final verdict is that you make your own choices and make your path as sentient choice. Consider your satisfaction only when you have unfolded your own story on the route of your journey towards success.

Life is completely filled with delightful surprises and serendipity, but don’t let others command your destiny. Select your destination and plan your own course. It happens sometimes you have to glow a track that hasn’t been earlier travelled.


Written By: Tejas Adesara



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