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Freedom From Suffering Comes When You Awaken Your Humanity And Set Yourself Free


Freedom From Suffering Comes When You Awaken Your Humanity And Set Yourself Free
“Each man is haunted until his humanity awaken.” ― William Blake


The world has existed for a very long time. Earlier generations had people who were very sensitive to humanity, and they always promoted humanity. However, as time went by, selfishness and self-love crawled in, and slowly, humanity became the least of many people’s concern.

Yes, we are trying to make the world a better place by promoting humane activities and fighting for humanity. But these fights are only targeted on the major issues in the society.

We are slowly forgetting about being human on the lower levels of life. I love it when people have their humanity awakened towards people’s suffering all over the world. It shows that many people have their humanity awakened, and this is encouraging.

However, there are elements of hypocrisy in all these efforts because you may find that those who champion such courses have neighbors and family members who are still suffering and struggling through life.

When we look at the lower levels, we realize that many people do not care about those in their immediate surroundings and are going through particular challenges. However, they are moved by massive numbers of people going through the same challenge, and they will try to help by sending donations. This is wrong and does nothing to improve our immediate society.

A lot of issues are rising because people have their humanity awakened but in a discriminatory way. Since one ignores their immediate environment, everything that goes wrong affects them and haunts them as well.

Be Different

Society has enough people who do not always show their humanity to them that need it most around them. Be different and let those close to you experience the beauty and splendor of humanity through you.

Change your environment, and you will be changed. The sufferings of other people and the wickedness that goes on in the society will ultimately affect you in one way or another. But if people always choose to show their humanity, the society will improve, and nothing bad will be lingering over your heads and affecting you in any way.

William Blake said,

“Each man is haunted until his humanity awakens.”

Until people have their humanity awakened and they start caring about the needs of those around them and being sensitive to their sufferings, their lack of showing humanity will come back and affect them eventually.

Charity Begins with those Around You

It is great to want to help the whole world, but start working on those around you. Make your society better before you can make the whole world better.

When everyone shows the beauty and splendor of humanity in their society, the world will not need anyone to save it from inhumane activities and unpleasant characters because everyone will be taken care of.

Therefore, always start with where you are. Show forth your humanity and let others follow after you. Be the example that people need.


People need to see the beauty and splendor of humanity so that they can be reminded of how beautiful the world is. It all starts with you, and unless you awaken your humanity, your life will always be affected by the sufferings of those around you.

In one way or another, their suffering will find its way into your life and haunt you.

Why wait when you can change their situation and consequently, free yourself from being haunted by the things you have control over?


Written By: Vishakha Goyal



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