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Freedom is a Great Responsibility – A Power that Deserves to be in the Right Hands


Freedom is a Great Responsibility – A Power that Deserves to be in the Right Hands
“May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” ― Peter Marshall


With great power comes great responsibility – the elders once said. Freedom is one of those powers which you simply cannot let be mishandled. At least not in person!

Most of us think that freedom is about doing things as we please, without a care in the world. However, as much as you are inclined to believe this strategy, the facts speak otherwise.

Freedom is about indulging in those opportunities that help you to do the right thing, and not what you think is easy. Freedom is a great responsibility and it deserves a special place amongst the most rightful of minds.

Be Responsible with Your Decisions – Freedom is Doing the Right Thing after all

When you are free, you are allowed to do practically anything that best suits you. However, the catch is not you want to do; it is about making the right decisions to do the right thing. Hence, it is absolutely essential that you be fair with your decisions and responsible enough to handle the outcomes of the same.

For freedom is a power vested within you, that nobody can take away except you! It is all a matter of how you choose to indulge in!

Freedom Makes You Free but Binds You to a Greater Good

With freedom, you become a whole new responsible person. This is why freedom is such a trait which cannot be handled by the weak minds.

Train yourself to be strong and choose the right thing no matter what befalls. For freedom is one great responsibility you cannot shirk away from!


Written By: Monika Nag



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