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Freedom Is Accompanied By Courage


Freedom Is Accompanied By Courage
“The secret of happiness is freedom; the secret of freedom is courage.” ― Carrie Jones


The Secret of Happiness is Courage

We all are searching for happiness. We all are wandering here and there. All we can find that we are lost in our own search.

Is this fair? No! Can we make it right? Yes!

We are damn sure that there would be some way to the happiness.

Carrie Jones suggests, “The secret of happiness is freedom; the secret of freedom is courage.”

Carrie Jones is an American author who is well renowned for her YA fiction works in the world. She is the author of famous book ‘Need’. She correctly recognizes if you want to search for happiness, then you should have freedom.

We do not get freedom without an effort. An effort should be put to gain freedom. Freedom cannot be bought. But sometimes, freedom is earned. You can earn your freedom by fighting for it.

Now, we know that fight requires courage. There will be courage that you will require if you want to stand against something. So, indirectly, I am telling you that for a happy feeling you must possess the courage.

How Happiness Happens

Have you ever heard happiness happening somewhere? Well, it happens to those people who are courageous enough to fight for it. Have you been fighting for your this lately?

Always remember that you are not going to get something you want to achieve without an effort. An effort should be put. You can not take anything casually. A sufficient effort should be put to have the feeling of contentment and pleasure.

You can have this feeling by keeping courage in your pocket. Here are some ways to have it:

1. Shoot all the fear you have in your mind: For a moment, remove all the fear that is holding you back. You feel alighted and happy without fear. This will give you courage to live your life more.

2. Maintain a distance from negative feelings: Negative feelings such as pessimism and fear holds you back from fear. This fear will hold you back from fighting against the tortures. So, maintain a distance from negative feelings.

3. Stop being with pessimistic people: You will be optimistic to fight against difficulties. When you will be with optimistic people, you will feel lively. You will feel freedom to do whatever you want.

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The Secret of Freedom

Freedom is what everyone craves for. If you have freedom, you can achieve your dream. You can do anything you want.

Your freedom is the most important thing in the world that will help you to keep satisfied.

If you are having freedom, you are already having half of the happy feeling. You have already earned half of the feel good feeling.

1. Freedom is Earned: Freedom is not fed by spoon. It has to be earned. The secret of freedom is that you should have enough freedom to earn the freedom. So, have it. If not, you cannot have the freedom and you won’t ever be happy in your life.

2. Freedom from Fear: If you are not afraid, you are free. You have that freedom. Have courage and do not fear from anything.

Courage is Our Ultimate Aim

You require courage in the end. You want bravery. Spread your wings by breaking the chains around your wings. Do not let anything hold you back. Gain some courage if you want to be happy in the end. That is why courage is our ultimate aim.

When you will be fighting for the freedom, your courage will make you strong. It will keep your fear away that would make you weak without the courage. Your courage is your tool to be happy in the end.

Courage is something everyone must possess. If a man wants to be happy in his lifetime, he must have courage. You should have enough courage to challenge the things that are going wrong around you.

Challenge things that are making you sad. Try to change those things that are not giving you satisfaction. Unleash your potential and you can have anything you want. If you want happiness, your courage will help you with it.

In the end, it is the courage that is going to give you immense pleasure and contentment. Wake up and do not fear. Break the glasses of fear and have show valor instead.


Written By: Krishna Kumar Singh



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