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Friends Are Nurtured With Happiness And Positivity Whereas Ego And Negativity Gives Birth To Foes


Friends Are Nurtured With Happiness And Positivity Whereas Ego And Negativity Gives Birth To Foes
“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.


In the struggles of daily life, we very often face more downs than ups. There are people who compete with us and give us a purpose to perform better. These competitors sometimes turn into foes.

Things they do and say start infuriating us instead of challenging us. We feel overwhelmed by their negativity and in turn, let it affect us in a hasty manner.

We surround ourselves with a negative aura which becomes repulsive to the ones who are around us, who deserve our love but face the brunt of our irritation and negativity.

The Modern Day Rattrap

We spend our entire life running on this endless vicious circle; we come across people in our lives who initially mean nothing, gradually they either turn into friends or foes.

Friends stay to make your life better, cheer you up when you’re down and celebrate with you when you’re happy; foes, on the other hand, try to make your life hard.

Throughout your life the positivity of your friends does not affect your nature as much as the negativity of your foe does, your foes make you irritable and frustrated with your life, they strive to not let you achieve peace with the way your life has panned out for you.

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Friends V/S Foes: The Choice is Yours

With these contrasting situations, the choice always remains in your hands. You can either let a foes’ efforts to lower your energy succeed or you can allow your friends to bring happiness in your life with their positive energy and appreciation.

There are pros and cons to both and to have a smooth journey a balance is much needed.

A friend while appreciating you and cheering you up every time sometimes molds you into a person who never takes up challenges.

Whereas an enemy while challenging you every now and then, turns you into such a negative person who ultimately ends up repulsing everyone near and dear to them.

It is aptly said that “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself” and while doing so, you attain the utmost confidence that you have got someone to watch your back; thus making you more fearless and confident about taking the next step.

In all honestly, a balance is always necessary. There should be an ideal input of enemies who challenge you and friends who are supportive of you, in your lifetime.

But the reality is that ‘to err is to be human’. We humans never achieve idealism. We feed our egos in the name of challenges.

Enemies or friends, they are in your life to play a significant role and then leave. But we egoistic beings put our entire focus and energy on the negatives.

We start changing everything good for us to focus on the bad. We mutter all our strength to challenge them who challenged us, failing to realize that we’re hurting our loved ones along the way; by not giving them enough time or by treating them badly because that is just what our general nature has become!

Life is very short and we should aim at being happy and keeping others happy around us as well.

Because when it all comes down and boils to the end, the challenges and negativities thrown at us by our enemies do not matter anymore; it’s the absence of the loved ones in our times of need is what shows us death even while we keep on breathing.

“Having a true friend by your side is like having much more than your share.”


Written By: Somdutta Das



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