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Friendship Casts Away the Dark Shadows of Life

“A friend is not the shadow that mimics you, but the one who casts all shadows away.”


Friendship Casts Away the Dark Shadows of Life
“A friend is not the shadow that mimics you, but the one who casts all shadows away.” ― Shannon L. Alder


Do you ever read simple friendship quotes online? Since the whole world is on social media, it is easy to explore the ‘quotes’ world. Sometimes, we just skim through them, and wonder why we never found a friend who supports us no matter what!

When in need, your friend comes to rescue you. Not all friends are loyal and true. When you grow up, many people will come and go, but only a true friend would stay. When the dark shadows of life trouble you, these friends will stay rock-solid with you.

The following article is based on Shannon L. Alder‘s quote on friendship. When you search for quotes on friendship in English, you will find a number of results online. However, only a few of those quotes will touch your heart. Just like this one!

Shannon says that a friend will always be around to cast away all the dark shadows in your life.

Shannon L. Alder is a well-known author who has written books on family, marriage, and spirituality. Her famous quote on friendship gives away a feeling of compassion.

In friendship, we ought to have a giving attitude. In this world, there are many people who will constantly ‘take’, but only a true friend would know the art of giving.

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The Significance of the Quote

When we are feeling happy or sad, our instant thought is to look for friendship quotes online. Shannon L. Alder’s friendship quote is a popular one, but only a bunch of people understand the meaning of the same.

In life, you will come across multitudes of troubles. You will come across relationship issues, marital issues, and even stress related to your career.

Mental health is a concern in today’s world. Speaking to a true friend about your feelings can help. Sometimes, reading simple friendship quotes would bring a smile on your face.

We have seen exemplary acts of friendship. There are some set of friends who go beyond their comfort zone to help their buddy.

There are some people who will stay with you during good times, but there are some true friends who will stick with you during tough times.

Shannon L. Alder is trying to say that a good friend will try to understand your situation, and will be solution-focused. They will not judge you or the situation.

Rather, they would like to extend help in the form of understanding or real actions. They will try to cast away or remove the shadows from your life. By shadows, Shannon meant, ‘problems’ of your life.

What Makes You A Good Friend?

Yes, you are active on social media, but it is a distorted world. Erving Goffman’s Dramaturgy theory tells us that a human being is living a double life. They put up a performance on the front stage.

They wear a mask and give their best performance to get some form of applause or appreciation. When they go back to their real self on the back stage, this is when they rest or practice for their next ‘performance.’

“Everyone in this world is wearing a mask. People smile at you and tell you that YOU MEAN A WORLD TO THEM. However, there is no dearth of back-stabbers. A true friend will never let you down or talk about you behind your back. A true friend will never try to belittle you or enhance your existing problems. If they do, they are not a true friend.”
― Anshu Choudhary

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You may have thousands of friends on social media, but not each one of them cares for you. When dark shadows of life enter, only a true friend will stand with you.

To be a good friend, you must be:

    • Willing to listen to your friend. Don’t just hear them out. There is a difference between listening and hearing.
    • Solution focused: Do not make your friend feel worse about their situation. Tell them that anything is possible. Try to get them out of the situation by finding an apt solution.
    • Give, but do not expect anything in return. Do not ‘give’ with the expectation of ‘getting something in return.’
    • As a good friend, you are eligible to give your opinion. However, your friend may or may not agree to you. You should not be upset if the friend chooses to take a different path.
    • Compassionate and loyal: Most of the friendships lack loyalty. If your friend shares your problems with you, be open to listen, but do not betray them. By telling the world about their secrets is an act of betrayal.

Concluding Thoughts

Simple friendship quotes like these can be heart-warming. We hope you enjoyed reading the detailed explanation of Shannon’s famous quote.

Share this with your friends and tell them that you care.

Make limited friends with whom you can share your grief and happiness with. Creating good memories and fighting for the right causes are things that every relationship/friendship demands.



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Anshu Choudhary

Anshu hails from Delhi and is a writer and teacher by profession. She is an adventure-enthusiast and is passionate about animal care, traveling, and cooking. Anshu loves to inspire people through words and wishes to bring a change in the society through her positive approach towards life. Being a part of the BeAnInspirer family, she pens down her thoughts, inspiring stories, and personal experiences.

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