Friendship Is More Than Just Give And Take



“Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives, and remembering what one receives.” ― Alexandre Dumas


Friendship is a relationship that is above any day to day transaction of valuables. In friendship people have differences, they give and receive love and gifts; but these are meant to be forgotten. What becomes important is how one can help his friend in the best manner. Friends are those whom one can rely on for all kind of support, when one is in need.

An Ancient Indian Story of Friendship

In the Indian context, one of the oldest and most durable stories that have enthralled generations is that of Sudama and Lord Krishna. This is a story that demolishes the barriers of time and status, and shows how a true friendship is a cause of celebration. Lord Krishna was the all powerful Lord of his time who ruled a mighty vast kingdom. Sudama was his childhood friend and had become very poor. His wife suggested that he seek the help of Lord Krishna. So, Sudama went from his village Mathura to Dwarka to meet his friend. His wife had packed him a small gift in a cloth; it was a few handful of beaten toasted rice.

Lord Krishna received his friend in his court. He welcomed him in a way befitting a king. He also received gracefully the meager gift of a handful of rice that Sudama had brought long. The friends were overjoyed to meet. When Lord Krishna came to know about the plight of Sudama and how his family is on the verge of starvation due to poverty; he gave him generous gifts of land, livestock like cows and lots of gold coins, so that he could get rid of his penury and lead a respectable life.

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Why Are Friends Necessary?

This story has been told to children since generations to impress upon them the virtues of friendship and the duties of a true friend. It is rightly said that, ‘A friend in need, is a friend indeed’. Life is uncertain and at times cruel. A person faces so many adversities, challenges and miseries in life, that he cannot face it all alone. It is helpful if you have a few good and true friends.

Friendship also teaches you the virtues of leading a peaceful life in harmony with the world. Being friendly to others is a trait that improves the personality and attitude. If you have a friendly disposition, you will be better off enjoying life even during bad times. Friends and friendship helps you face the adversities of life with a smile.

What it Takes to have Good Friends?

Nothing in this world comes free. Everything has a price. If you want to have good friends, you must be ready to be a good friend to your friends too. What are the qualities that you look for in a friend? Your friends are also looking for these qualities in you. True friendship which is worthwhile is genuine, and not phony or just for show. You have to extend unconditional help to your friends too. There must be a deep desire inside you to help your friends in whatever way you can. You should be sensitive to their needs. Lord Krishna did not require to be told what his friend Sudama needed. If your heart is sensitive and full of love for your friend, you will instinctively know what they expect from you. You will be filled with remorse, if you have not treated them the way they deserve. In their happiness, you will feel like celebrating.


Friends are what every living entity needs. Life in this world is inter-related and inter-dependent on others. Survival itself has it roots in being friendly with our surroundings and nature. Friends are an important part of our existence; and without them, life is bereft of a sense of security, joy and happiness.


Written By: Raj Kumar Hansdah


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