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Get True Friends – Worth Lifelong Friendship

“The trouble is not in dying for a friend, but in finding a friend worth dying for.”

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Get true friends, worth lifelong friendship, nurture them… and see your life is becoming more satisfying, serene and significant.

Get True Friends - Worth Lifelong Friendship
“The trouble is not in dying for a friend, but in finding a friend worth dying for.” ― Mark Twain

True friendship is treated as the best relationship that human being could have thought of. Studies confirm that lifelong friendships have a positive effect on your health and well-being.

Get True Friends

Get True Friends

Have you ever baffled about a universal question –

What is a True Friendship?

Who is a True Friend?

It’s quite normal for many of us but we tend to get confused. Sometimes you may feel like the answer is known to you but still, friendship seems to be an indefinable term similar to love.

You will come across hundreds of friends in your personal and professional (or, student) life and you might be things of a dozen who are very close to you.

But “True Friends like diamonds and gems; who are very rare to come to across.”
― RK Baral

Are they your true friends? Is it worth lifelong friendship with them?




Let’s hit the bull’s eye. Who are actually true friends?

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Who are the True Friends?

Who are the True Friends?

    • They’re Genuine & Truthful

They are always genuine with you in all kinds of dealings. Their relationship is based on honesty and integrity. They don’t just part of your life superficially.

    • They Accept You as You Are

They accept you…yes YOU. True friendships often take some time to get ripen. But once it is established, then it shows its colors and perfumes you with its fragrance. True friends accept you the way you think, look, and act.

    • Inspire for Healthy Habits

A true friend will always inspire and encourage you to get rid of too much alcohol or other serious stuff. Be it joining a Yoga class, a Gym, or attending a healthy-eating seminar, your best buddy will be always there for sure.

    • They Thrive for Your Success

They get more pleasure in your success, than you or your family may get. They keep on encouraging you in the time of distress, disgrace, and destitution. This is a true case of worth lifelong friendship.

Nurture Your Friendship

Nurture Your Friendship

You may get very good friends who you think are going to stick to your friends in years to come. But time takes the real test. You can do one important thing…to nurture your existing friendships. Nurture your relationship through proper communication, appreciation, and reciprocation.

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To nurture your friendship, you need to:

    • Be compassionate towards your friend
    • Open up completely
    • Listen not to hear your friend
    • Display your trustworthiness
    • Stay calm & cool
    • Offer help proactively, when required.


You are lucky if you have got a true friend. Friendship looks like a simple relationship. You might have all the qualities to be a good friend. You might be thinking to have a true friend for whom you can sacrifice your own life.

Mark Twain aptly said – “The trouble is not in dying for a friend, but in finding a friend worth dying for.”

Always adore your true friends…try to tighten the bond with them…do your utmost to make it worth lifelong friendship.


Written By: Ranjan Kumar Baral



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