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Giving Strengthens Your Capabilities

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Giving Strengthens Your Capabilities
“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank


Often people get tensed and scared whenever the thought of giving comes up. They are conditioned by their childhood thought of being forced to sharing good food or delicacies with their friends.

Giving does not just mean sharing tangible goods. There are many ways to give and share. Also when you share food, remember that although the quantity of food may become less but the satisfaction it gives is much more than if the whole food was eaten.

In fact, this is very true. Satisfaction actually is something that our mind experiences. That is why good parents teach their small kids to learn sharing. There are many more benefits of sharing and giving.

Everyone Can Give!

Some people make themselves poor in their own eyes. This fact is so succinctly put forward by the Indian saint Rahim, when he says that “People who beg are dead, but before them die those who refuse them”.

Everyone has something to give. Often what we give comes back to us many folds. For example, when we pass on smiles and happiness to others, it comes back to us.

When we give respect and recognition, people also reciprocate in kind. Sharing knowledge is gain, one such thing.

Teaching someone, or giving the gift of education, for instance, makes a person’s life. When someone is in trouble, a gift of courage is also important and crucial for the needy.

If you cannot give anything, just standing with the person is enough to give him all the help he needs.

It doesn’t Cost Money to Give

Those who are fortunate enough to be affluent and rich, they often give money for humanitarian causes and philanthropy. But that does not mean that those who do not have money cannot give. In fact, often we can give more than what is possible by giving money.

Pledging to donate one’s eyes after death can bring the gift of sight to a blind person. Organ donation after death helps many, and body donation for research helps the future generation know more about human body to combat diseases.

Giving helps in making people come out of their comfort zone and gain new capabilities and strengthen the existing ones. In fact, giving is actually necessary if you want to grow yourself.

Only when the existing limits and boundaries are challenged, a person starts developing himself. He tries to expand his capabilities to cope with the challenges and targets he sets for himself. This is what helps a person to grow. Without these, a person however talented will face stagnation in life.



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