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Giving Unconditional Help To Others – Random Acts Of Kindness

“Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.”


Giving Unconditional Help To Others - Random Acts Of Kindness
“Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.” ― Roy T. Bennett


Helping others is one of the noblest acts that can be done by humans. The virtues of being of service to individuals who need it most has been extolled as one of the duties and obligation of being called a human being.

Yet often people do not help out of compassion, but because it is customary to do so, or for some motives that may range from being perceived as a good person to getting some benefit out of the act. If there is a motive behind the act then it cannot be termed as help. It becomes a ‘business’ deal.

Real help is when one helps out of his feeling of compassion. Knowing that he is in a unique position to extend help to the person and appreciate this opportunity to do something worthwhile.

Helping is Not about Money Only

Often people think they are unable to help people because they cannot spare money. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Money is just one way, and a very limited way to help others.

There are hundreds of other ways we can help people. Even if money is the necessary requirement to help a person, we can always tell them from where and how to get money to solve their problem.

For example, if we come across an unemployed youth who needs money for his family requirements, we can guide him to the proper sources where he can get funds for becoming self-employed.

If someone is facing the financial problem with respect to a medical emergency; he can be advised to get help from charitable and philanthropic agencies who help in such matters. There are several other ways in which people can be helped without spending a penny.

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What it Takes to Help People

The first requirement to be helpful to others is a compassionate sensitive heart, which can feel the helplessness of others and a sense of commitment towards the unfortunate ones.

You will notice that helping others will make you more strong, capable and resourceful. You will be able to tap your own hidden resources and potentials that you were unaware of.

Some Ways of Helping Others

To begin your journey to help others, you don’t have to attempt big. Even small help counts. Helping an old lady cross the road or helping with carrying her grocery bag, are the classic small ways to start with.

There are millions of opportunities everyday that present itself where a person can help others. Begin with doing random acts of kindness. In your everyday life, be watchful for people who may be in the need of a helping hand.

Giving up tour seat and comfort to an old person on a train or bus is one such way. Having you over-ordered food in a restaurant, packed and giving it to a hungry child on the street is an inexpensive way to help the hungry. Donating your old clothes to homeless, your old textbooks to poor students, are other ways you can help.

Keep doing these random acts of kindness, without looking for anything in return. You will be amazed at the returns you get. These acts will bring an improvement in your personality and attitude in your life. The smile that lights up your face is also one of the biggest rewards.



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