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Goodwill is the Treasure of Life


Goodwill is the Treasure of Life
“A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.” ― John Ruskin


The treasure of human life is not his wealth, but his goodwill and kind behaviour towards other. The primary purpose of human life is to live with a mission and to let other people live peacefully.

God has made the human character with a certain proportion of virtues, which are by definition the most excellent qualities a person can possess by practising during the journey of life.

From our childhood, we are being taught some general moral values like honesty, bravery, to respect others, but the most important virtues that we must have in our character is the kindness.

This characteristic is enough to grow as a perfect human being. But in modern technologically advanced society, everything is valued in terms of money. Amity, friendliness does not make much sense as we often count money as our treasure.

Nowadays, we actually forget to teach our kids the lesson of kindness. As a result, they are growing up in a materialistic society where self-virtues and values are practised less in comparison with selfishness and fake competition and show-off. Cruelty is grabbing their mind from childhood.

What is the Worth to Possess: Kindness or Money?

We accumulate money in the form of treasure. Money has a great factor as far as our daily livelihood is concerned. We need money for our living, education of our children, to give treatment to any ailment, to travel, for doing minimum luxury in life – in short in every step of life.

So, we can come to a conclusion that the wealthy people are the happiest one. But in real life, money can give you everything, but sometimes a kind word from our neighbour or relative or friend is more expected than money, as the kindness touches our soul.

We always intend to help people in distress in terms of money and then forget. Somewhere in our mind, it plays that the money will solve the problem alone. But maybe our support and kind words can serve a significant amount than money.

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Why would we Count Kindness the Greatest Treasure in Our Life?

Kindness is a great virtue and most probably the biggest treasure in our life. But kindness cannot be achieved in just one day. It’s a good spirit of our heart that compels us to make sacrifices for others.

Nobody can just wake up in one fine morning and say that let us be kind to all, it’s not like that! A kind hearted person have a sensitive, affectionate, warm-hearted nature in his/her character that teaches how to overcome the hurdles and obstacles peacefully and also how to extend helping hand to all who need it.

Kindness makes us strong enough to face any situation and if necessary to sacrifice own happiness for the sake of others. It cannot be imposed on anyone, but it’s a quality that can be nurtured from childhood.

We should count it as a great treasure of our life as kindness with good thoughts for others uplifts our soul in a positive way. And it is a growing process.

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Does Money Can Replace Goodwill or Kindness?

Money is a vital factor in our life to meet up all our needs. From childhood, we encourage our children to pursue a good carrier so they can easily achieve prosperity and good future.

Yes! Without money we could not go further, whether it is in the field of education, medical treatment, to fulfil hobbies like travelling and much more. But life is so unpredictable that it pushes us in some situation where we could not do anything with money.

For instance, money and financial aid could not heal a mother’s heart and grief, who has lost her child in war. What else money can do for a wife who has lost her husband? Instead, sympathy and kind words can calm her down and may be helpful to wipe her tears.

Our kind touch and healing words are something needed in making them understand that they are not alone with the same situation. This will give them the strength and courage to start their life again.

Why should we Teach Our Children to be Kind?

Children are the future generation of any country. The well-being and progress of any nation largely depends on them. So from childhood, they should learn to take care and to share other’s sorrow and grief.

It’s not expected that our children and adolescents learn kindness only in speeches or books. Kindness is best learned when it’s experienced by feelings. Now the question will arise defiantly how to teach kindness to our children in this materialistic world?

Naturally, by being kind to them, by setting examples of kind activities in daily life, so that they can reproduce those feelings in them.

In this way, they will learn that even a small deed of kindness will help him/her to realise value of self-worth as a human being and surely heighten the sense of well-being. The virtue of kindness and good thoughts for other people will help them to create a better world.

To make the world a better place to live in, spread your secret treasure of generosity and good thoughts for others. Don’t just pass on giving some financial aid to anyone, support them with your extended helpful thoughts, that may be much effective.

We should guard the treasure of love, kindness in ourselves, and to share and care without hesitation and to lose without regret.

We must keep in mind the more we spread kindness, the more we can advance forward to set a good example for our future generation.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya



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