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Happiness Comes To Those Who Struggle For Their Self-Worth


Happiness Comes To Those Who Struggle For Their Self-Worth
“Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.” ― Ayn Rand


Passing on through struggle, you realize that the more you appreciate life as a gift and you are not always in control; the more you are capable to identify that happiness is a choice.

Finding happiness in the contemporary moment – irrespective of how inadequate it may appear – can make a change both in your life and in the lives of people around you. And that’s worth the struggle for.

While you all have diverse dreams and goals in life, living a meaningful life can certainly inspire others. The fight for happiness begins when you opt to be a leader, not a follower.

This fight is worth when you develop a habit of learning to value yourself first. Giving value to yourself means that you chose to live your life in a way that is pretty to you – doing actions that fulfil you, centring on being hopeful or happy rather than being negative.

Celebrate Your Success

If you are very decent only at celebrating your mistakes, you are very less worthy for celebrating your success. This represent your plans, values and your abilities have come together to create something.

It is pronounced to remind yourself of what you have attained. This can only be done if you have tried to value yourself.

Getting into the habit of valuing yourself benefits you to build self-esteem and self-worth leading to a happier life. Both are helping to protect you against the emotional challenges that plunge into most lives gradually.

Once you have developed an understanding of how to value yourself, you will be more redefined to celebrate happiness and success in better way.

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Struggle for Your Vision and Happiness

The struggle towards gaining happiness becomes easier when you start to think frequently about the good things you have in your life, and less regarding the bad things.

Try to have a look at the occupied part of the glass, not at the unfilled part, even if the unfilled is larger than the full.

There are many people who can envision well for their dreams and accomplishments, but when it comes to have a tussle for the same they make their legs backward and refrain from it.

You need to put down all your efforts and work efficiently, sincerely to achieve the vision.

There may be much hindrance in the path of gaining happiness and accomplishing your vision. These may include your opponents, your weakness or even your nature.

It is vital that you face through all of these, gain sufficient inspiration from your soul to struggle and achieve happiness.

Develop a Feeling of Self-Value

To begin developing a feeling of self-value, start by doing what you love to do, not because you have to prove, but because you deserve happiness.

In this process of gaining self-value, be happy because it’s your right, your choice and your decision.

It is something inherent and something you can’t get extrinsically, signifying you won’t discover self-worth from external factors. It is suggested that you do something for yourself every day.

Try to reward your success as a part of important step in the process of learning to value yourself. As and when you achieve anything, reward yourself.

You should develop a habit to ask yourself if your view is reliable with facts and logic or whether other clarifications for the situation might be reasonable.

Valuing yourself does not mean you are showing your superiority neither you are expressing the feelings of vanity. Rather it is identifying that you have intrinsic skills, traits and characters that make you to value self and create happiness.

It is not being perfect either; it is regarding approving that you have as many mistakes as you have qualities to be admired.

In the entire process of fighting for your happiness, it is suggested to try continuously for establishing self-worth.

You should struggle for securing your self-esteem and work on inspiringly for gaining happiness as it is the only mean for success.



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