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Happiness Is A State Of Mind – Happiness Is Our Choice


Happiness Is A State Of Mind – Happiness Is Our Choice
“Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind.” ― Daphne du Maurier


Happiness Is A State Of Mind

Do you think happiness is a possession? Are you waiting for someone or something so that you can be happy? You can’t really be happy unless you wish for it. Happiness is a state of mind.

Your happiness is mostly dependent on your thoughts and beliefs. The definition or meaning of happiness varies greatly among individuals. Different things bring happiness to different people.

Some people find their happiness in wealth while some others in their health. Very few would say that achieving their dreams is happiness for them. Another group of people finds happiness in their friends, family, and love.

But not any of these things that bring happiness to people are immortal, neither wealth nor health. Not even friends and love. Nothing remains the same.

I have definitely found people without wealth, health, love, and friends being happy. Happiness is a state of mind. It is actually a choice.

Here is a video that you should watch.

After watching this video, don’t you think happiness is a choice? Yes, it is a choice that you take for your well being.

You don’t need great health or a huge bank balance to be happy. But, definitely a good heart to find happiness in little things in your life.

When Do You Become Happy?

When do you become the happiest?

Are you wondering how to become happy?

Happiness is not unattainable to anyone. Happiness lies inside every single being. All you need to do is let it take over your life.

You become happy when:

    • Your mind is calm.
    • You are relaxed.
    • Your mind is free of negative thoughts.
    • Nothing worries your mind.
    • You are detached from materialistic instincts.

You can find happiness inside yourself. You don’t have to wait for an event or a person to become happy. You are responsible for your happiness. And only you can create happiness for you.

But, you can attract happiness from nature and people around you. However, you will only find happiness if you seek happiness.

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Happiness Is A Choice – How To Choose Happiness?

I have already said that happiness is a choice. Are you wondering how to choose happiness?

Here are a few tips to choose happiness and stay happy in your life:

    • Try to concentrate on the good and positive aspects of every situation.
    • Don’t let your mind drag you into negative thoughts and emotions.
    • Don’t spend time focusing on your problems. Instead spend time finding a solution to your problems.
    • Always drive your attention to positive thoughts.
    • Watch funny movies and comedy shows. Read satire.
    • Surround yourself with happy people.
    • Try out meditation and yoga.
    • Detach yourself from negative people and negative emotions.
    • Do things for yourself. Gift yourself. Appreciate yourself. Most of all love yourself and find inner peace.

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Where Does Happiness Come From?

Do you still think happiness comes from materialistic things?

Happiness is a state of mind which comes from within yourself. We all have happiness inside ourselves. But, it is often covered by several layers of negative emotions we take from the situations around us.

Negative emotions come from attachment to people and situations. You can find great inner peace once you start detaching yourself from the materialistic world. And, a great inner peace often leads you to the path to immense happiness lying deep inside yourself.

Yes, happiness lies deep inside us. Happiness is our choice.

Final Words

How did you succeed in achieving a great state of mind? How do you detach yourself from the external world and keep yourself happy?

Share your thought and tips so that we also can try out it in our life.

“Nobody else can make you happy if you do not want to, your happiness is largely dependent on yourself more than anything else.”



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