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Happiness Is The Cure For All Pain


Happiness Is The Cure For All Pain
“No medicine cures what happiness cannot.” ― Gabriel García Márquez


Medicine can benefit you in restoring your degraded health state, but it is the only happiness that can ultimately restore complete health and heal from all types of wounds and sufferings.

Happiness is such medicine capable of healing any physical or emotional pain in your life. There is no one born without any desire for happiness in life.

For you, it is essential to realize that the purpose of life is to get to the top of happiness by achievement of what we deserve in life and cure all the discomfort through smile on face.

The feeling of happiness is relative in relation to each individual and everyone’s perspectives about happiness will always be diverse.

For many, happiness is when, what you think, what you say and what you do in coordination. Once you have decided choosing happiness, no medication is required for cure of any disease. Then medication starts happening of its own accord.

Happiness Cures all Diseases

You might be wondering how health and happiness are linked to each other. You can suppose that those with good health are usually happy and well. In this process of supposition, you will realize the experience of being happy and its impact on the diseases you are suffering right now.

Happy people are the one that can cope better with stress and trauma, they are more resilient, have solid immune systems, and live longer. Even medicine has least power in front of the power of happiness in curing any diseases.

The more you stay happier, lesser the energy will be wasted, as added happiness signifies added accord, and the system wastes no energy while it endures in impeccable harmony. The less energy you spend the more energy you will own. And the superior your supply of vital energy, the less likely you are to be acquainted with sickness.

When your health system is totally full of vital energy, you will be free of illness. In the end, you will retain all your energy and with less chances to physical traumas and sufferings. For this, peace and perfect harmony is essential which is possible only when happiness is constant.

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Pain gets healed through Happiness

Being happy also activates healthy physical alterations in the body and arouses a feeling of positivity to sustain that discomfort. In reality, your sense of humour is one of the greatest powerful tools that focuses on improving your daily mood and passionate state, which ultimately will support for complete health.

This will provide inspiration that will trigger the pain to be healed gradually through the influence of happiness. When you live a joyful life filled with happiness, your entire soul paybacks, particularly your heart and mind.

Staying in the mood of happiness balances the mental as well as emotionally state that helps you to forget any kind of pain which you are suffering through. Though this may be temporary in some cases, continuous developing this habit will make the happiness to permanently cure it.

Learn To Be Happy

If you want to consider happiness as your medicine, visualize a happy memory or just allow your soul to sink into its happy moment. You can pursue happiness by this way. The process of learning to be happy includes thwarting negative emotions like gloom, resentment, and annoyance.

Removing such emotions, you can foster positive emotions, like empathy, peacefulness, and expressly gratitude. To be able to learn happiness to cure any disease, you can consider it as an achievement rather than a gift of the God.

In this achievement, effort to become happy, both inward as well as outward, play a great part. Occasionally all it takes to sense refreshed and happy is to transform something simple out of your regular routine.

Medicine does have power to cure any disease. If you wish to be satisfied and cure all the pain of life whether physical or emotional, include and spread the inspiration of being happy all the time.



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