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Have A Kind Heart As Kindness Changes Everything


Have A Kind Heart As Kindness Changes Everything
“Kind words elicit trust. Kind thoughts create depth. Kind deeds bring love.” ― Laozi


Having a kind heart makes your life beautiful, peaceful, and fulfilling. When you possess a kind heart, you ought to behave responsibly and appropriately.

Your kind heart allows you to pursue righteousness and kindness that in turn brings righteousness, and honor to your life. As Kindness changes everything, you will find your life also changes in a positive way.

Kindness Changes Everything: Being Kind & Compassionate is Never a Waste

Kindness changes everything. Being kind to others is like sowing a seed. You will reap what you sow. A kind heart is always remembered and a good deed always repaid. Great friendships often begin after an act of kindness and the kindness changes everything in the relationship with your friend.

Kindness is a universal language that is never lost in translation. It is understood by the deaf and the blind. It is easy to sometimes feel like it is of no use to be kind when others do not reciprocate.

Often, an act of kindness is not for the other person, it is for you. Not only Kindness changes everything around you, but it also makes your kind heart more sensitive.

Random Acts of a Kind Heart are More Fulfilling

Kindness changes everything for better and became instrumental in bringing a rewarding life. Have you ever had a stranger do something you needed but never expected it? How did that make you feel when somebody opens his kind heart for you?

A random act does not have to become at a cost. It could be a smile, a helping hand, a kind word or simply, a kind look. Acts of kindness in workplaces improve productivity. It encourages teamwork and reciprocity. This ripple effect could easily be as a result of one random act of kindness or act of a kind heart, because kindness changes everything.

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The Healing Power of Kindness – Have a Kind Heart

Life is unpredictable, it keeps changing. Situations change and sometimes, people do too. Sometimes, changes that occur may be beyond your control.

    • Kindness is a virtue everybody requires to possess.
    • You have the choice to nurture compassion by having a kind heart.
    • A choice not to become bitter.
    • A choice to be a better person irrespective of your situation.

When you choose kindness, you are choosing recovery as kindness changes everything for better and superior. You are choosing to overcome your situation. You are choosing a path that will surely heal you.

If it is not you but someone else going through a difficult time, it is important to always remember today someone else needs your kindness. Open up your kind heart for them. Tomorrow it could be you in need of it. You have the opportunity to try the kindness experiment to see how kindness changes everything.

Begin today, start thinking that today is the last day for everybody. Treat everybody with love, care, and kindness. Open your kind heart to others without thinking about the result or what you would get in return. You will see how kindness changes everything in and around you. Your life will be fulfilling.

The Kindness Revolution – How Kindness Changes Everything?

Kindness is a personal responsibility. If we all wait for the other to start, we will be a dormant and sad lot. Take that first step today. Open your kind heart to others first before waiting for others. It could be a greeting, a kind word or something a simple as a smile. It begins with one person but it will end up being a community of people being kind. As we know kindness changes everything for the better.


It has been said in ancient scriptures that true kindness is a Godly act. A kind heart acts rightfully, empathetically towards others. Recognize the fact, kindness changes everything. It is now up to you to experience the world of kindness.

What steps are you taking to begin the love and kindness revolution?

Let us know in the comment section below about how kindness changes everything in your life.


Written By: Ranjan Kumar Baral



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